The Cures for Our Society We have a list of ten applicants who wish to join us in the Bio dome, but the problem is that we can only choose three of them. We will only chose three more applicants for our society because will are limited in space. We have a very vital decision for our survival in that one wrong choice will cost us our lives. Just one of them could self-destruct our whole society. We will turn the unnecessary ones away and will not let them into the bio dome.

We have to look at what we absolutely need to survive in the future and who possesses the skills we need. We feel that the key factors to our survival are food or plant life, a clean sanitary environment, and someone to lead the people, and govern us. We will also need someone to show us the mistakes that we made in the past. We do not want to make the same mistakes in the future. We need someone who has the knowledge to create laws to prevent chaos and corruption.

The standards to my society are strict and will be followed entirely to prevent decay of our society. Candidates have to be disease free, because we do not need any more problems with plagues and other diseases. The last standard is that each candidate must be fairly young. My three vital choices are as follows: Victoria T. Hobbes an expert in food production Shahid Zia Sirkin, a renaissance man and John Wayne Milton, a sanitary expert. We will have to steer clear from candidates that do not possess skills that are not a necessity.

Our first choice for our new community will be Victoria T. Hobbes; she is an expert in food production. This skill is a necessity if we want to survive. If we cannot produce food then we will all surely perish from starvation. She is also an expert in nutrition, which will help everyone to eat right; this will lead to people living longer and healthier lives. She also has knowledge in the fields of food rationing and plant diseases.

This is vital wisdom to our survival, because we need someone to acknowledge and cure the diseases in our withering plant life. These skills are vacant in are community, so this candidate is someone we definitely need. If we start having problems with food she is the one that will come to our rescue. She is young that means as long as she stays healthy she will be around for a while. A reason she might have trouble staying healthy is that she is promiscuousness. This will not be a problem, however, because we will have very strict safe sex laws and we also screen everyone for STDs and other diseases before they enter the dome.

She has a very excitable what I consider to be a good thing. It shows she has a lot of vitality, but this might be causing her fatigue. Since she is a nutrition expert, however, she will know how to cure her fatigue. She will be a big piece of the puzzle to help us complete our society. We will choose Shahid Zia Sirkin as our second choice, because as a modern day renaissance man he can pretty much handle all problems that will be faced with. One good personality trait he has is that he is leader this means he is individual and an original person.

The last thing we need in our society is a follower. Although Shahid does have a temper this just shows us that Shahid will stand up for his beliefs, which is why Shahid gets so mad. Shahid has knowledge in architecture, which is vital to our society. Shahid can help us to build buildings and homes. Shahid also knows a lot about past cultures. This will help us not to make the same mistakes that we made in the past.

Another good thing about Shahid, is that he is very skilled in almost all areas of life. We will need him because he is a genius. He will help us to solve so many problems because he is so intellectually smart and has knowledge on so many areas of life. He will be an excellent teacher for our children. Also, he will be a highly respected advisor to our committee and will help us to form laws and create a government.

Another reason he is so vital to us is because of our next accepted candidate John Wayne Milton. John has problems dealing with what he saw in plague wretched areas. Shahid can help him work through and forget the terror that he saw. Shadid will do this by filling John's mind with the noble thoughts and deeds that John did while in the plague areas. This will make John see the good things he did instead of all the bad things.

Shahid is just a superior human being all around which is why he is so necessary to our survival. John Wayne Milton will be the backbone to our community. He is a sanitary expert. John will show us how to keep our dome clean and pollution free.

He has some skills in recycling, which will help us to cut down on wasted materials. Another skill he has, is that he has knowledge of how to dispose of solid waste and hazardous medical waste. Even though we do not have medical doctors, we do have a couple of people that are resident doctors and other medical students with knowledge of medicine. We also have medical computer software to help the residents and the medical students, in the areas that they need help with. This software will contain instructions for surgery and what types of medications people will need to cure their sicknesses. One other talent John contains is he can identify plagues and epidemic diseases.

This skill will help us to prevent problems that caused us to turn to a dome as a solution to the decaying outside environment. One weakness I do see in him is sometimes he has deep depressions from helping with diseased and plagued people. We can cure this problem with Shahid. Shahid can make him see the good deeds he did while working in those diseased areas, while clearing away all the depressing thoughts and memories that the plague areas left in his mind. A plus to him is that he is still very young and healthy. John still has along life ahead of him.

This shows us that he will be around for a long time teaching and showing us how to keep our environment clean. When making my rejections from the applicants, the three questions I asked were: are they healthy, are they necessary, and who is less important than the others? The first group of applicants we rejected was the unhealthy ones, because we do not need to accept a person that is going to die soon. Also people with diseases will put the other citizens in danger of getting ill. The first applicant I got rid of was Joseph Berri gan. He has a disease that is like emphysema, which may take his life at anytime. Joseph is just too much of a risk to let join our community.

Our next rejection was Dr. Rachael Morgan, because as a result of her pregnancy her health is fading. In addition to her pregnancy ruining her health, it is also ruining her reproductive capabilities. If we will have decided to take Rachael, then we use up two openings to our city because she is pregnant.

We need adults with skills that can help us to precede to the future not a newborn baby. We just cannot allow unhealthy people into our society, because they are too risky. We do not know how long they will be around to serve us. The second factor we looked at while rejecting applicants is: are they necessary to our survival? The first applicant we rejected in this category was Maya Siddhartha who is a minister. In our society we will have many different religions and in the long run she could cause religious wars.

Also she possesses a heart condition, which also put her in the first rejection category. The next to be rejected was Mary Jane Albert, a world-class sportswoman with knowledge in physical therapy and sports medicine. I am really into physical fitness so her services will not be needed, because I can set up fitness programs for our community. Also we do not need her negative attitude. She will be negative to others in the community.

We really want positive people in our society. These two applicants's kills are just not needed for us to survive. Our final rejection category was: which applicants are not as important as the others are. This category gave us the most trouble, because the last three applicants were very skilled. The hardest applicant to reject was Amid El Mohammed who is a political scientist. He has outstanding skills in government and politics, but he seemed to be too power crazy.

This will be a bad thing in the long haul because this could corrupt our society. Shahid will be able to produce the same skills as Mohammed, and Shadid also has morals. Shahid will be able to cure John of his depressions and he will have a greater impact on the community as a whole. David Ture von has knowledge in recycling systems, the problem was we already have a person in this field and we do not need two. Our final rejection was Dr. Hordam C.

Morgan, who is remarkably skilled in Ecological studies and in Ecological reconstruction. We could have really used him, but he came with way too much baggage. Dr. Hordam C. Morgan refused to enter without his pregnant wife, so we could not accept him because of that reason, plus he is also sterile.

We will like are applicants to be able to reproduce. This group of applicants was the hardest to reject. This whole group of rejections had excellent skills, but the three applicants we have chosen will far surpass the ones we rejected. As we look to the future we must keep our goals in sight and use our resources efficiently.

We also must make sure that we correct the mistakes that we made in the past and make sure we do not make the same ones in the future. Victoria T. Hobbes, is an expert in food production. She will help us to expand our food resources.

This skill is a necessity if we want to survive and learn to adapt to our new environment. Shahid Zia Sirkin is a modern day Renaissance man. He is a leader that makes him such an individual and an original the last thing we need in our society is a follower. Shahid ideas will be fresh and important because he contains so much knowledge about life. John Wayne Milton will be the backbone to our community. He is a sanitary expert.

With his help our society will thrive from cleanliness.