The Road Not Taken There was things in life I wanted to do, but was not able. There were choices I had to make and feel that I did not make the right choice. After I look back at it years down the line, I feel that I did make the right choices and should never regret any of them, but to keep looking ahead. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, (1) refers to Juggling a decision in your mind and you want to proceed with caution, you do not want to rush to make a decision and knowing that you can only choose one way to go, you would really want to think about before making and actions. You " re alone to make the decision; there is no need to ask anyone else for his or her opinion because it is all up to you. It is taking a long time to come to a final conclusion on what should be done.

You keep thinking to yourself very hard and imaging in your mind what would be the outcome of your choice. So you decided on what choice you would make, thinking it was a good and fair one, but in back of your mind you still is very confuse. You began to think as that your decision should be base on what others did. Knowing that other people were put in the same situation and their outcome was good. Still you are thinking, carefully analyzing everything.

Thinking that you made the wrong decision you decide to keep it that way for one more day not knowing if other people was having the same doubt or wondering if you would ever have to make this choice again. As you were approaching your decision you thought maybe if you slept on it you would have a better stable mind the next day were you would be able to think things out clearly. Knowing the decision that you made you wouldn't want to tell, you kept this decision hidden. It was a hard decision to make, but the one you choose was one that many did not choose and that was a difference. Yet knowing how way leads on the way, (14) refers to making your decision not knowing the out come of the decision you are about to decide on. I doubted if I should ever come back (15) refers to making that decision and hoping that you would never have to make that decision in your life again.

It was a very hard decision to make and took very long to come to a conclusion. You are still having doubts about you choice and very unsure about it. Regrets are far from your mind and that is something you would not want to have to deal with if you choose the wrong thing to do.