Cuba Cuba is the country that I will research for this assignment. Cuba was found by humans in about 3500 BC. On October 27, 1492 Christopher sighted Cuba and then by 1514, Diego Vel " azquez de Cu " ella r had conquered the island for the Spanish crown. In these particular countries cattle ranching became most popular for Cuban economy, but by 1592 the system was abolished. Cuba is the Caribbean's commercialized islands and is one of the world's last bastions of communism. In Cuba US dollars are not accepted.

People that travel to Cuba have to have their money converted over to Cuban money in order to buy anything, and the cost to change the money is 10% of how much you are exchanging. This issue causes problems for many people that visit the country. Cuba has about five main attractions with Havana being the most popular. Baracoda is another major attraction of Cuba that sits on a headland between two picturesque bays near Cuba's easternmost point of Cabo Mais'i. Santiago de Cuba is another main attraction and is the second biggest city in Cuba.

Trinidad is the last of the attractions in Cuba and is the only one that I am familiar with. Out of all of these attractions Havana is not only the most popular but is the center of the country of Cuba. The size of Cuba is 110, 860 sq km and has a population of eleven million. The capital of the Republic of Cuba is Havana which has over 2 million people. Cuba has different races that live within the country. They have 60% Spanish descent, 22% mixed-race, 11% African descent, and 1% Chinese.

This country also has different religions which have: 47% Catholic, 4% Protestant, and 2% Sante r " ia. The country has a communist government and the head of state is the President of the Council of State Fidel Castro. The country itself increases 2. 5% of their population every year. The major industries that Cuba has are: Sugar, minerals, tobacco, agricultural, medicine and tourism. Cuba also has Western Europe, Latin America, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea as trade partners.

The country of Cuba has After studying this country it seems to be a very interesting place that I may enjoy visiting one day.