The classical selection by Herman Melville, Moby Dick focused on the significance of one man's obsession over a murderous white whale. As if the central plight of Captain Ahab was not enough of an obstacle to overcome, the piece is thus complicated by the Captain's mystique. The already complex situation was made more dramatic with the inclusion of Ishmael's interpretation of Ahab's character, Moby Dick's predominant influence and the mellow white birds that seemed to shadow Moby Dick at every step along the way as a moth to fire. The somewhat fearful Ahab played the greatest role on the ship. Whether dealing with the tedious chores of maintaining the ship or the never ending search for truth and redemption through the death of Moby Dick.

Ahab somewhat posse sing demonic qualities, struggled to contain the evil within his inner self thus control ing the earth's stairway to heaven. The captain's great obsession, Moby Dick led to the loss of his leg's as well as his wings. The great whale, Moby Dick was the sea's most feared and hunted creature. Moby has come across to Ishmael and the rest of the crew of the Peqoud, as a white god. Able to crush ships when provoked, how many times the inhabitants of the world disrupt nature to fulfill their obsessions as did the whalers to Moby Dick causing his rage. Moby Dick was better left alone, like perfect things made by the hands of God should be.

The sight of the great beast of the sea, as it was known to the inhabitants of thew hailing industry, was easily spotted with the appearance the white birds. Those white birds were forever bound to the whale, their white God. Their souls in the embrace of Moby, were the not so innocent souls taken by the whale. They helped serve as a warning to those who chose to believe, as those who want to be saved by the embrace of God in faith. Melville's Moby Dick, captured the effects of nature on the human spirit as in Ahab. The real interpretation of Ahab by Ishmael and the detailed characterization of the sea's savior was helped by the shadow like birds that were forever bound to the sea's beast.

Life, like that of animal is so connected to interpretation of the human spirit.