Male Victim RapeAbstractThis research paper is based on individual case study related to "Male Rape Victims." Male rape is a crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse (LongMan Dictionary, p 1169). In general, male rape has occurred as often as every year from the age of twelve and above. Frequently, males and females had common experiences in same situations. An attacker could victimize males as well as females, who can be an attacker, only a small number of rapes or assaults, about twenty percent, are committed by complete strangers (The Rape of Males, p 1). The best known locations where rape occurs are at parties, allies, and secretive streets. Nearly everyone, who has consumed alcohol ot taken drugs of any kind has had their sexual hormones increase.

The purpose of sexual intercourse is accomplished with a person, not the spouse of the perpetrator. In addition, men and women hackneyed sexual intercourse from pornographic publications. Despite, the pornographic industry's tremendous size and growth, sexually explicit materials continue to engender much political, legal, moral, and scientific debate (Malamuth, et. al, p 26). It has beneficial effects of desires for pornography. Conducting a case study will help students determine whether or not their experiences of rape influence their life.

Rape can be an impact on medications and health. The effects of rape are mental, physical, and social healths which are strongly influenced on health outcomes. Moreover, it has some affinity with the colloquial notion of 'reverse psychology,' which is based on the idea that telling people that they may not do something makes them want to do it more (Baumeister, et. al, p 6). Introduction and Literature Review have chosen four journal articles from the research database related to Males Rape Victim I invented ten questions for a case study and have already interviewed a twenty-two year old male. My hypothesis is how a male rape victim would deal with their experiences of being raped and how their life changed.

I wanted to know how bad rape affected that persons' life or that person proceeds. Did that person get help to cope with their fear? Did going to counseling or therapy help them at all? Is it possible to be given treatments provided to prevent from getting unknown diseases? I believe that rape to that person reiterates "Why me, why not others?" Being raped is not what anyone would expect to happen to them in their life but it could and it only takes seconds and those seconds will change your life forever. That person might appear to have experienced being raped or their first time experience. Quantities of young children get raped at age of twelve. Also, drugs and alcohols are always involved in a situation of rape.

Those are my expectations after I completed a case study. This is thinking logically why rape appeared in our lives and for us to experience it. As this continues to happen more males and females get raped and the number of rape victims increases. There were approximately sixty thousand rapes of males age twelve and over in the United States in nineteen ninety-two and in the U. S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics nineteen-eighty five report The Crime of Rape, there were one hundred, twenty-three thousand male rapes over a ten-year period (The Rape of Males).

Rape is a crime for males and females to handle in their lives. There are many consequences rape victims must deal with. Short-term consequences include disturbed sleep patterns, nightmares, changed eating habits, headaches, nausea, muscle tension, anxiety, depression, anger, and guilt (Kaszniak, et. al, p 100). The long-term consequence is transmitted diseases that cannot be cured.

Methods determined to do an individual case study including ten questions which is opened ended and allow my subject elaborate with details. There is only one subject for this case study. Fortunately, I found a person who is willing to answer to my questions relating to an experience of rape. That person is a young male who is profound deaf. He attends a community college, and his nationality is ninety ninety-five percents Danish and Swedish Norway. Originally, I sent an official e-mail however; I interviewed him in person instead.

Conduct a case study took approximately eight minutes. I polite ask him for his age, location where he was raped, and behaviors changed. Did it affect his life after it happened? Did he fight back the attacker and call the police? Tested for diseases and visit counseling or therapy to cope rape? Was he intoxicated or used drugs? After rape occurred, things you do is differently, what would it be? Those questions are considered as opened-end and whom I interviewed seemed comfortable answering my questions. Results To sum up, there is no graph or chart for this research project. I examined a case study, rape did affect to this person's life but luckily he survived it through without needing to go to counseling or a therapy. I believed that person don't remember at all during rape because he was drunk and not feeling remorse.

It seemed that it was his fault because he chose to drink in first place. Out of curiosity, no drinking, drugs or anything else, would rape occur? Obviously, everybody at parties tends to get drunk and horny which made them desire to have sex. Is it because of persons' looks by making eye contacts? Great body shape turns them on by exposing cleavages, stiff butt, or muscles. It possible that the victim were not watching his drinks carefully because never know other people spiked or painkiller in his drinks. It can be tricky or a prank but it's not funny. People should think twice before putting their lives on a risk.

Rape can include child molesting and psychical abuse in bad ways. If rape occurs at a public party, why don't somebody stop the rape and help the victim? Rape can be the reasons why people are angry, depressed, sacrifice their lives, or need satisfaction. Also it can be more than one person at the same time and the victims can be any sizes, big, small, tall or a midget. Rape is a fear to every one because it's a crime in United State and other countries too. Rapes are distrustful and it's like a saying no to a drug.

Why "Rape" exists in the world, to let us to experience it which is not what we wanted or deserved it. For children, it's nightmares for them to go through the experience if it happened to them even they " re only twelve years old or older. Discussion & Conclusion After I evaluate my case study, I was dazed with the answers that are similar as what I said earlier. However, this case study doesn't include either charts or graphs due to individual and ten questions.

He was raped by one or two girls at age of sixteen. The location of rape was at his friend's house due to public party. Alcohols were consumed, not drugs. The victim was blacked out during the period of the time. Unfortunately, the victim didn't report to the police because he didn't have the courage to do it.

On the other hand, the reason why the victim didn't report rape due to drinking age which he is underage. Afterwards, he went to get tested for vernal diseases as well as it came negative. On the contrary, he was worried and frightened about receiving STDS or other unknown diseases. He didn't even bother going to counseling or therapy to cope rape experience and his behaviors hasn't changed.

Lastly, he regretted due to drinking too much, over limit. Forcing people to engage in sex acts against their will is an important form of social behavior that ranges in magnitude from a betrayal of trust and violation of basic bodily rights to an atrocious act of exploitative cruelty (Baumeister). I believe if I conduct a case study with more than three people will be more challenge to compare the differences and similarities. Once you were raped, you can't change back to the past to make life better. There are no possibilities for rape to be stopped. The reasons why rape can't stop because people have desires for sexual intercourse to have pleasures.

Rapes involve psychical abuse, torture, and cope. Doesn't anybody know how to dial nine one? My opinions of this research project including a case study is pretty difficult and challenge. I realized that Rape affect other people's lives in some unexpected ways. It could be revenges by somebody that considered as friends. All have to do is watch your back and don't hesitate to contact call rape. References Roy F.

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How old were you when you were raped? 2. Where did the rape occur? 3. Did it affect your life after it happened? 4. When you were about to be raped, did you fight back to the attacker? 5. Did you report the rape to the police? If yes, what happened? If not, why not? 6. How did the rape change your behavior? 7.

Were you tested for venereal diseases? 8. If you could do things differently, what would it be? 9. Were drugs or alcohols involved? 10. Did you go to counseling or therapy to obtain professional help to cope rape? Answers: 1.

At age of sixteen. 2. The rape occurred in the basement at a friend's house by one or two girls. 3.

Yes, it did affect his life after the rape occurred. 4. He happened to be blackout during the period of the time. 5. No, he didn't report the rape to the police because he didn't have the courage to do it.

6. It didn't change any of his behaviors but he was really frightened due to worried about getting STD or unknown disease. 7. Yes, he got tested for venereal diseases and luckily the result was negative. 8.

He regretted due to drinking too much, over limit. 9. Yes, alcohols were involved because it was opened party as known as public party. 10. No, because it didn't influenced him at all..