In Benjamin Franklin's preface to Poor Richard Improved, 'The Way to Wealth', Franklin offers many adages to help the reader conserve money. Many of these sayings are common even today. The title of this preface makes since because the title, 'The Way to Wealth', can be interpreted as The Road to Wealth. If the reader does as these adages tell them, he or she should be on their way to wealth.

Franklin offers advice to just about anybody. Franklin believed that wealth was important because it led to both frugality and industry. Frugality and industry were listed as his fifth and sixth virtues. Franklin tells us that in order to be industrious, we must always be employed in something useful. His proverb, 'Employ thy Time well if though meanest to gain Leisure', lets the reader know that time shouldn't be wasted on doing things that won't better yourself or others. Franklin tells us that in order to be frugal, we can't waste anything.

People who spend lavishly should listen to the maxim, 'Silks and Satins, Scarlet and Velvets put out the Kitchen Fire'. This saying reminds us that the nice, expensive things all work just as well as the generic ones. Another proverb that a person with no frugality should abide by is, 'Women and Wine, Game and Deceit, Make the Wealth small, and the Wants great.' This is one I can definitely relate to. Women, wine, and playing around all do put a dent in your pocket book.' Early to Bed, and Early to rise, makes a Man healthy, wealthy, and wise', is another I can relate to.

This maxim is directed to all slothful people. My constant tardiness proves my laziness and my need to abide by this one. Another similar adage is, 'Plough deep, While Sluggards sleep, and you should have Corn to sell and to keep.' Both of these maxims tell us that in order to get ahead, you can't be lazy. Franklin believed that a person that listens to the sayings would avoid being poor. He wrote that poverty robs a person of their spirit and virtue.

His proverb, ''Tis hard for an empty bag to stand upright', lets us know that it is hard to function with no spirit or virtues. I would suggest reading this preface to anyone who has problems with money. The sayings still hold true in today's society. Many people think that there is no link between money and morality, but I disagree.

Despite what anybody says, I think money brings happiness to people. It may not be a world of happiness, but it will bring some happiness. This happiness should help put a person on the road to being more virtuous.