Gun Free, Why have Guns? Abstract This report will show how effective gun free zone will cut down the number of crimes committed here in United State. It will also show how using gun free zone will enforce gun control. This reports main focus is on gun control and not to take away or get rid of guns. It is our constitutional right to bear arms.

The justice system has been trying to come up with ways of controlling and monitoring the use of guns. One of the main goals that many citizens want this action is they don't want guns landing in the wrong hands They want to protect their children and families. Gun Free; Why have guns? The crime rate has been on the rise for many years in the United States. With the population raising, the crime rates climbs with it. There have been many debates on gun control and the right to bear arms, which is stated in the constitution of the United States. Second Amendment to the U.

S. Constitution: "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." One of the questions that has been asked, is whether people need to have guns in order to fight off an invading enemy... No! A person who owns a gun is twice as likely to die from a gunshot then one without. Chances are better you will shoot yourself or a family member then an armed intruder.

Most gun owners would make claim that they are protecting themselves by owning guns in their home. The problems with this claim are that too many guns are landing in the wrong hands (children, criminal, and etc. ) The other problems with it are often the weapons are being stolen or lost from the lawful owner. Examples would be the guns are not store in some type of locking mechanical box or cabinet.

Guns are stored with ammunition in the same box or loaded in the gun. Gun owners don't properly train their children about the safety use of gun. The list of reasons guns can get in the wrong hands is endless. The table of different type of crime index trends will show how the numbers offenses been committed.

The first table is by population group and area. The second table is the two-year trends. By looking at the numbers of crimes committed there must be a very effective gun control program. One of the gun control methods being used in and throughout South Africa is known as "Gun Free Zones and the Firearms Control Bill." Firearms Control Bill gives the Minister of Safety and Security the power to declare "any premises or categories of premises to be firearm free zones" (1), where no firearm or ammunition is allowed to be carried or stored, and with strict penalties listed for transgressions. Gun free zones provide ordinary people a tactical way in which to create a safe environment.

In order for gun free zones to be enforced there must be some type of enforcement which includes, where people are: ask to declare their firearms, ask to place their firearms in a safe, subjected to an electronic search, or given a body search. The government institutions, particularly schools, are less likely to strictly enforce the gun free status of their premises. Gun carriers can choose to either comply with the gun free status of an institution. If they decided to enter gun free zones then they are expected to comply.

This doesn't mean that the gun owners have been disarmed if they decided to not enter the gun free premises. With this in place it will eliminate the fear of people being in building such as a school, library, federal building, etc.