Tom Bay War on Terrorism Period 2 3/21/02 The war on terrorism has come out of hiding since September 11, 2001. Our main war going on now is against the Taleban and Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. We have never faced an enemy like this before. This enemy hides in the shadows, and has no regard for human life.

Our enemy preys on innocent and unsuspecting people. We have gone to war against them and we have the advantage. We have many tactics in fighting this war. We have advantages and disadvantages right now in the war on terrorism. We have many allies, who have our back and are ready whenever we need them.

The only thing holding us back from demolishing them is the hiding of Taleban and their leader, Osama bin Laden. We have the equipment, the soldiers, and the military to help us. We have more power than the Taleban. We have captured many areas in Afghanistan so far. One big take over is when we took over Kabul, the capitol of Afghanistan.

We backed our alliances with our heavy bombing and in five days took over this city. Near the city Garden, a cave complex was overrun by US forces. Thousands of Taleban have been killed in the war so far. The Taleban have been weakened in this war.

They are slowly being run down by us and our allies. They are being overrun by the air as well as the land. The more people they send to fight us, the more killing there will be. If they were smart they would know that most of the people dying is the Taleban.

We have had casualties, but we aren't even close to having as many casualties as they have.