Today in the year 2000 there are many definitions of the word ecstasy. Deriving from the middle english word, , it has gone from being a state of overwhelming emotion to one of the most popular drugs in the 'club world " today. When I ask my parents what they think when they hear the word ecstasy they say,' You, your sister, and brother in Disney World.' Well times have definitely changed. I asked about fifteen people in my dorm what they think when they hear the word and all of them said the same thing; drugs. Ecstasy is a feeling you get when you are totally happy. Everybody has their own definition of what the word means to them.

What it means to me being an eighteen year old girl in New York is completely different to what it means for someone being forty-five and living in Alaska. What ecstasy is for me changes all the time. Right now it would be not having to do any work, not having to go to the gym or diet, not fighting with my boyfriend or friends, not having stress from my parents, etc. I asked my sister what her ideal ecstasy is and she said, 'Having a date for homecoming and a perfect dress.' I then decided to ask my parents and they " re answer was, 'Perfect health and total happiness for our children.' If I ask myself this question in a year my response will be totally different. You can tell how differently people use the word just by listening to the radio. When I hear Eminem use the word in his song, 'This ecstasy got me standing next to you' he is referring to the drug.

When Tony Braxton used the word in her song, 'And I'm in ecstasy's he is referring to the feeling. When my friends are talking about ecstasy they are talking about the drug. I don't even have to question what they are talking about because I know already. Ecstasy to them is the drug and only the drug. This is not because they do ecstasy or other drugs it's because that's all they think of when they hear the word. When it comes to my parents it can be either.

Sometimes they " ll want to ask me questions about the drug or warn me and other times they are talking about the feeling. Ecstasy the drug has many names. MDMA, rolling, tripping, x-ing and faced are most commonly used. It is one of many 'club drugs' that are synthetically concocted by underground chemists and commonly used by people my age at clubs, concerts and all-night, underground dance parties called raves. The drug, which comes in many forms ranging from a tablet to a liquid, is usually swallowed. Once ingested, ecstasy alters a number of brain chemicals including serotonin, which affects many functions.

It also increases heat rate and blood pressure. It does not cause physical dependence but regardless, some people use it compulsively and appear psychologically dependent on it, according to experts. When I asked what it feels like to be on the drug my most common answer was feeling warmth and openness and an increased desire for sex. My room ate said, 'You feel like your on top of the world and nothing can wrong.' 'Wow' I thought. This meaning of the word seems a lot more interesting then the other one. I asked my room ate if anything bad can happen when your on the drug.

'Oh yeah!' she said. Vomiting, hallucinations, blurred vision, fainting, chills or sweating, teeth clenching, and dehydration. This is very ironic. A drug called ecstasy that makes you feel like your on top of the world can also make you feel horrible.

This drug is nothing like the other meaning. The other meaning is an all around feeling of euphoria where as the drug can make you feel like your in hell which is definitely not euphoric. Before I started this paper I thought that the meanings of the word were very similar and in many ways they are. Ecstasy is a very hard feeling to achieve that is different for every person.

Ecstasy the drug tries to take you to that place for the price of twenty to twenty-five dollars. Although most people find this drug to be amazing, there are many down sides to taking this drug which don't make people feel like there in ecstasy but more like hell.