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Sample essay topic, essay writing: D.l. Moody - 1,056 words

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D. L. Moody the greatest evangelist of the nineteenth century is written by Faith Coxe Bailey. Dwight L. Moody lived in Connecticut River valley. The book starts him off at a young age of 16.

He had a very pessimistic attitude about his life, how he worked all year long without a break, but this young man did not know what the Lord was holding for him in the future. God used Dwight in multiple ways. Dwight in the end, though very ill, still did what the Lord was telling him to do. Dwight hates his place in the country, and also hated his work of chopping wood. One of his first problems arose when he decided to ask his uncle Samuel if he could go back to Boston with him and work for him in his shoe store. He offered to work for a cheap price. Samuel turned down his great offer because he saw the need for him to stay with his mother and siblings in Connecticut.

Even though Samuel said no, this did not stop Dwight from wanting to be in the city. He took the liberty himself to move on his own. He moved to the nearest city, Clinton, it was not Boston, but it was better than his old country life. While in Clinton, Dwight was an employee for an old newspaper man. The man teased Dwight every day with the same question, "Well, now, what is your considered opinion of our town of Clinton?". Dwight's job was to address the envelopes with names and addresses. Dwight, being the country boy that he was, did not know that there was a difference between the address 51 1/2 and 52.

He had been addressing the wrong numbers to the envelopes. The man became very angry with Dwight and fired him. He said, " That's what I get. Hire 1a country bumpkin and that's what I get..." Dwight now lacking a job had to make a choice between going back to Connecticut or going forward to Boston. He decided to go back to his home town. Being fired and having to leave the city, ruined his hopes for living in the big city. The Lord started working in Dwight's life.

He became more spiritual and on fire for the Lord. Dwight now lived in Chicago. He had started a prayer meeting, and in the beginning stages he was having trouble keeping the people coming and willingly. The old-timers were stuck in there ways and did not like it when a twenty-four-year-old boy insulting them and the way they were living. The unhappy people just coming in all. The more Dwight went out witnessing and telling people of the prayer meeting, the smaller and smaller it became.

One day when he arrived at the meeting, there was only one old lady that came to listen to the words that Dwight had to say. The lady gave great advice to Dwight, "Invite the wrong ones. Wicked men. If they don't want to come, invite someone else." This never occurred to Dwight. He did not have to invite the same people all the time, he could invite someone else. Dwight decided to go out and find the right kind of people to come to his meetings.

He searched and witnessed, and within the next few weeks the prayer meetings were packed full. People were having to sit on the floor. He was extremely pleased and knew he had done his first job well for God. My favorite part of the book was when Dwight and his wife Emma step in the carriage and are on a surprise ride. Having no idea where they are going, 2Dwight becomes angry and says, "Where are you taking us?" the driver answers, "Sit tight and you'll find out, I got my orders to take you there, all I can say." Dwight, extremely annoyed, is a very busy man and could not just go on joy rides. The carriage came to a halt.

The driver pointed to a beautiful stone-front house, and said, "They told me to tell you to go right in." They walked up the steps, to the door, and into the house. They just barely stepped fully into the house, when from every room, people jumped out yelling, "Surprise! Surprise!" Dwight was puzzled. He could not figure out what was going on. They finally told him, "Some of us got together and we decided you work so hard that you deserve a nice place to come home to. We decided you're trusting God so hard that maybe He's expecting us to do more that we've been doing. So we bought this house.

For you. Here's the key!" I thought it was interesting to see how much the people loved Dwight and Emma, and how they appreciated his work for God. Dwight even with his serious heart condition, was still serving God to the best of his ability. He for a while rented a circus tent to have church services in. The tent held up to 10,000 people. Every Sunday morning the tent would be packed full with people coming to listen to great preachers, preach the word of God.

Kansas city was Dwight's next escapade. He was asked to come and preach, but his son-in-law, Percy Arthur Fitt, was not to eager on his going. Fitt thought it would be to much for him to deal with. Dwight, of course, knew that was where God was calling him to be. On the fifth night of preaching in Kansas 3he said, "It's a great thing to see a full house. God bless you all.

They told me I couldn't fill the Kansas City auditorium, and I told them they were right. I couldn't but God could. They said I couldn't reach you folks in the last balcony, and I said I wouldn't worry about it, God could..." Two weeks later, on December 22,1899, D. L. Moody said, "God is calling me. There's no pain.

No valley. This is glorious." His family all around him waiting for a miracle, but what they did not see was that the miracle has already taken place. A country boy from Northfield decided to no longer be someone great for himself but for God. The world has yet to see what God can do with one man wholly committed to Him.4.

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