Characteristics of Creon Throughout the story of Antigone, particularly the end, Creon proposes the bad-boy in control personality. He acts as the ruler he is and puts his power to work. He fears nothing unless his family is involved. He has no mercy when it comes to the law. Additionally, he is greatly affected by the environment he creates around himself. Within lines 813-814, Creon says, "So, men our age, we " re to be lectured, are we? - schooled by a boy your age," to his son.

Before this Creon's son said that he should take some good advice, temporarily angering his father, Creon. Creon does not hold back the words to his own son. He lets lose and shows no fear to his own son who is attempting to give words of wisdom. Harmon, Creon's son, does see some mercy because of his relation to Creon. Anyone else would suffer to the fullest extent.

Creon shows one act of limited mercy on lines 971-974. "Take her away, quickly! Wall her up in the tomb, you have your orders. Abandon her there, alone, and let her choose-death or a buried life with a good roof for shelter. As for myself, my hands are clean." It is very obvious in this text that Creon has no desire to give Antigone a bit of leeway because she has broken the law and disobeyed him. He gives her a horrible punishment with no chance of getting out of it. He shows no mercy to Antigone who was simply committed to her own moral rights.

The third characteristic I feel that Creon has strongly showed cannot be well assessed within the text of the story. A prophet, Tiresias, has given advice to Creon for years leading him well into his current state-of-mind. "I mean you well. I give you sound advice," says Tiresias. Creon replies by stating that he will never do what this prophet, whom Creon has been listening to for years, has said he should do. Creon has created a world around himself in which his opinion ranks higher than those of who have helped him for many years.

"I owe you a great deal, I swear to that." Creon even states that the prophet has given him the right advice. But, Creon chooses to ignore what is being said to him, and chooses to do what he believes is right because this is how his reasoning has been corrupted. Corrupted by his own personality. In conclusion, I believe that Creon has corrupted himself and plays the evil leader in this story. He shows no mercy to many people, even to those who have broken the law while doing something morally correct. Creon in many parts of this story shows no fear, even to family..