Drew Morgan, of Jack Cavanaugh's The Puritans, is similar to Paul the apostle through his life's experiences and challenges. In the 1700's, a religious group of people called Puritans began to sail to the New World in search of religious freedom and the ability to worship as they pleased. Even though Drew Morgan's life seemed to mirror Paul's, he had his own, one-of-a-kind experiences he had to face. Although Paul and Drew Morgan were separated by hundreds of years, they both had similar non-Christian beginnings but were eventually transformed by the Holy Spirit which made them able to work for the glory of God. The young Drew Morgan was a smart, but sometimes mischievous boy who feared his father and just wanted to have fun. Bishop Laud caught the Morgan youth playing in the castle, but instead of punishment he enlisted the boy's service.

To be working for the powerful Bishop was an esteemed position and the young boy was very honored. Laud's main intention in hiring Drew was his desire to convict Puritan traitors. To accomplish this feat, he would have to disguise himself as a Puritan and infiltrate their society. One of Morgan's victims was a family that owned a secret printing press that was printing inappropriate material that went against the Church. This family was punished severely by the Bishop after Drew uncovered them. Things continued in this direction for the young boy until he came across a Puritan woman named Nell.

He discovers that Nell was truly sincere in her walk with God, and had something that he wanted also. In a risky move, he tries to find Nell so that he may learn how she is so on fire for the Lord. The two fall in love and Morgan becomes a much stronger Christian who now works for God, instead of Bishop Laud. Although born hundreds of years earlier, Paul had a similar experience in life.

A pure Jew, Paul became a leader in the Jewish faith at a young age. Because Christianity was in direct opposition to the Jewish beliefs, he obviously was involved in the persecution of Christians. His fanatical view on Christians included his belief that all Christians were to be executed. Later in his life, Pail was touched by the Holy Spirit, and he saw the error he was committing against God. At once Paul changed to work for the Glory of God and preached for Christ.

This Roman citizen, once a figure that persecuted Christians, was inspired by God to write many books of the New Testament. Obviously Paul's transformation was much like the Drew Morgan's own change. The Holy Spirit worked heavily in the lives of both Drew Morgan and Paul. They began their lives as non-believers, but were eventually changed to work for God.

The Holy Spirit changed the hearts of these two men and made them realize the healing power involved with Jesus Christ. For Drew, the death of Christopher Matthews was the point in his life were he saw his need for Jesus Christ. There was a sharp contrast in the way the new men acted for God and their original selves. Although some may say Paul was more affected by the Holy Spirit, seeing as he converted thousands of Jews, both men made a tremendous impact for the good of Christians around the world.

The glory of God was the goal of Drew Morgan and Paul the apostle. Although Bishop Laud was the head of the church, he was a vengeful, ungodly man that was self-centered and only cared about his own gain. At no point in the novel did Laud make a decision for God. Morgan saw a true Christian in Nell. He realized that his past work for the Bishop was wrong, and that he needed to do what God intended. The Holy Spirit, through Nell, changed the mind of Drew Morgan and pointed him in the direction to salvation.

Drew lived the rest of his life seeking to please and glorify God. Paul also worked for the glory of God, but on a much larger scale. When Paul was touched by the Holy Spirit, he did not hesitate in his transformation for God. His abrupt change surprised many people during his time. Paul worked the rest of his life teaching and guiding God's children. Obviously the Holy Spirit moved both Drew Morgan and Paul to strive to glorify God in all that they did.

Morgan and Paul lived separate lives, but they both had similar personalities which were changed by the Holy Spirit to work for the good of God. Paul, a prominent Jewish figure, changed from persecuting Christians to preaching the love and sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Drew, employed by the corrupt Bishop Laud, changed from convicting Puritans to marrying and becoming a Puritan himself. Their past did not stand in the way of letting both men become strong and passionate servants to God. Paul and Drew were both impacted greatly by the Holy Spirit, and were very much alike in many areas of life..