FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH DIVORCE Research shows there are 4 major factors that increase the likelihood of divorce. Divorce Caused By Age At Marriage 1. As age when married decreases, likelihood of divorce increases- Couples under the age of 18 are much more likely to divorce than couples who marry at any later age 2. Younger Couples Are: - Unprepared for marriage- Unaware of what is expected of them- Not mature enough to handle responsibilities 3. Drawbacks - The younger you are the less dating experience you " ve had - Not sure what you really value in a partner - Being young they may get bored and prefer a new marriage as opposed to their current one - Young couples have few reasons not to divorce - May have married without parents permission, so divorce may be supported by family - Likely do not have property together 4.

Marrying due to pregnancy - Having a child before or early in marriage - Gives couple little time to adjust to each other and demands of marriage - May limit the parents' educational and occupational goals - Increases financial strain on relationship. Race 1. Studies show African Americans have higher divorce rates than Whites or Latinos - African Americans also much more likely to remain in a "separated" status- Their greater likelihood of being unemployed and living in poverty contribute to marital disruption 2. African American women are: - Less likely to marry - More likely to separate or divorce - Less likely to remarry On average African American women spend only about half the amount of time white women spend in marriage. C. Socioeconomic Status 1.

Lower socioeconomic strata of society: - Lower levels of education, Lower incomes, Lower-status occupations - Higher marital instability rates Poor families are twice as likely to breakup as non poor families. - Lower-status married couples may have higher divorce rates because they face more crises and disruptions in their lives- Unemployment, uncertain jobs, welfare dependency 2. Higher socioeconomic strata of society: - Higher education levels, Higher Incomes, Higher-status jobs - Marry later in life (usually after college education), and later marriage is related to lower divorce rates - Higher-status people have more to lose from divorce - Some professions (ministry & politics) divorce may ruin career D. Religion 1. National Survey -- 1999 In the United States: - Protestants have higher divorce rates than Catholics - Jews have slightly higher divorce rates than Protestants - Protestants - Baptists have high levels of marital instability.