2. b. If the physician aggress to an alternate medication, the pharmacist will receive the order, write it on a physician's order sheet, and notify the unity. The physician's orders and medications will then be taken to the unit.

c. If there will be a delay in prescribing the medication, the pharmacist is to notify the physician and a physician's order to change the start day if indicated. The pharmacist is then to notify the unit of such communication and order. 3. After Pharmacy Hours.

The RN is to notify the home supervisor of non formulary medication orders. The supervisor is to call the pharmacist on call and a decision made collaboratively as follows i. Pharmacist will call SW hospital for medication and arrange for pickup ii. Pharmacist will deliver where the first dose has to be given 4. RN's CVM's are expected to resolve the issue of non formulary medications on their shift. When faced with situations when there communications are delayed or unclear they are to call their PCC/Supervisor in the building.

The CNO is to be notified in cases where the supervisor cannot be reached. 5. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the RN to notify the physician if a prescribed treatment is not given for any reason. If the prescribed treatment is delayed, the physician is to be notified of reason for delay and plan to meet treatment needs. All such communications are to be documented in the medical -- -6. Effective 5/2 both- there forms are obsolete.

a. Mice ing Medication Sheet. Pharmacy to physician communication 7. RN's and CVN's are admitted not to borrow medications. During pharmacy hours they are to call the pharmacy and outside of pharmacy hours the supervisor is to be contacted. 8.

As a general rule of thumb, I would like RN's to determine how a physician's treatment order can be implemented within 2 hours, at a minimum, of the order being written. 9. A medication - request is to be generated for the following incidents: a. Medication not given. Mixed dose orc. Delayed medication The physician need to be notified anytime a medication is not given.

Notifying pharmacists.