A Wrinkle In Time is an excellent science fiction book by Madeline L'Engle. It is about three kids, Charles Wallace, Calvin, and Meg. The three children were tess ered into the 5 th dimension to a country called Camazotz. Camazotz was taken over by IT, an evil thing or person. The kids haven't figured out which. Calvin, Meg, and Calvin were sent there to stop it and to rescue Charles Wallace's and Meg's father.

The kids have three friends, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which. The three friends are helping the kids through the whole trip, but they cannot help them search on Camazotz. The three kids run into a lot of trouble and near-death experiences, but never give up hope.

I would rate the science fiction book A Wrinkle In Time a nine (9). I thought it was suspenseful at all parts and events. Something was always going on whether it was good or bad. This made it very exciting so that I would keep on reading on not put it down. I would recommend this book to kids between the ages of 9 and 16. This is a big gap because it is so good it could entertain many different personalities and ages.

Another reason I would rate this book a nine is because it's was very well written. I thought the author did a good job in making it sound real even though it's obviously all science fiction and fantasy. Madeline L'Engle is a great author who knows how much of realism to add in. I also thought that she did a wonderful job painting a picture of everything, the planets, characters, transportation, scenery, etc. I can tell she has a big imagination which is a great thing to have if you are a science fiction and / or fantasy writer. One more reason I liked this book so much was because I thought everything was very creative.

Everyone's and everything's personalities and appearances were all different and unique. There was always a few things special about each and every person and place.