Americans are faced with a huge problem of violence in the streets, these streets have become a place where old people are beaten for their social security checks, where little women are attacked and raped, where teen aged thugs shoot it out for some turf to sell their illegal drugs, and finally where small children everyday are caught in the way of bullets during drive by shootings. We try to ignore the criminals in our society and how they hurt it, but we shouldn't. We should take actions to stop these acts of crazy people. And people try, but the hard work of some misguided individuals to stop the legal ownership of guns doesn't really affect the problem at all, and takes the guns from the innocent citizens, who simply want means of self defense. Take a look at the history of our country and the role guns have played in it. According to the second amendment gun ownership is perfectly legal and guaranteed as a right.

There were and are good reasons for this, luckily they are still practiced today. Back in the day guns used to be for hunting and, on the occasion self defense. But when the colonists of this country had enough of British rule, they picked up there own personal guns and went to war and the British saw first hand how powerful the rough band of average American gun owners were. Our forefathers knew that the general population if armed would be key in winning the war. And it was. Over the years some of the reasons to own guns have changed.

As Americans moved west fulfilling Manifest Destiny, making new towns along the way which were far away from any established law. These people made laws through the barrel of a gun. Of course crime still happened, but not nearly as often, when the townspeople simply hunted down and shot the criminal. Eventually, police forces arose in the Midwest, and fewer people carried guns with them on the street but they were still there, visible or not.

It was after the civil war that the first gun control freaks came to be known. These were southerners who were worried the newly freed slaves would take advantage of the newly acquired right to keep and bear arms. However, over time, it became illegal for all blacks to own guns. But by their common nature they broke the law and owned guns anyways.

At the same time the whites who didn't believe in a freed black man, let alone a black man with a gun, walked around with their weapons of choice in case of a mishap with a black. The gun control people of this country are slightly different breeds, in my eyes that is. They say that violent crimes with guns need to stop and stop now. They want to disarm criminals and stop the random violence.

I agree fully. But these people are going about it in the wrong way. They want to take guns away from criminals, and pass legislation to do so, but so far their plans have backfired and ripped guns from the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens. What these gun control people don't understand is how a criminal thinks, a criminal is a criminal armed or not. They both break the law, so what makes them think that a criminal won't break the law to carry a gun. Also criminals don't attack other criminals, they attack the honest citizen, I wonder if this is because they know that most likely their fellow criminals are in fact armed and the citizens are not.

This is a result of the latest legislation from Mr. Bill Clinton himself. These laws make it impossible for the average American to fight back. In many states especially Texas and Florida, citizens are trying to keep their right to have guns for self defense. As a result their crime rates are way down compared to the national average, and Florida was leading the nation in crime until the gun owners arose and took control. According to an article in Field and Stream, awhile back, the U.

S. has issued over 200, 000 concealed weapons permits and only 36 have been revoked for the improper use of a firearm. We have already banned the possession, use, sale, and transportation of many mind boggling substances. But men, women, and children can still go down to their local dealer and take advantage of any sales or discounts this person might be having on their drug of choice. These guns are just as easy to get as the drugs that also are illegal. Now a days criminals often carry highly illegal weapons like sawed of shotguns, machine guns, and homemade zip guns.

But the gun control guys have blamed once again the gun not the criminal. Washington D. C. and New York have lots of gun control laws. So why do these cities also have the highest crime rates? And why are the crime rates dropping considerably in states like Florida where gun ownership is encouraged? Also such catchy phrases like assault weapon and cop killer bullets have been invented by the gun control people to in a way frighten the non-shooter simply because they don't know any better and believe them how they are said. What the frightened people don't understand is that assault weapons are any semi automatic rifle, and cop killer bullets are any bullet that can go through type two body armor.

But little do people know that many hunting rifles can then be called both. I guess just because somebody has one of these guns, they " re a rapist, or a murderer. I've shown that making it illegal to have guns does nothing to stop the bad guys from having them, and that it restricts the good guy who want guns and will obey the law with or without a gun in possession. I believe we need to lower crime rates in America, but people should look at the problem realistically, and make plans or laws that could or would work. It's pretty obvious that the laws in place now suck at reducing crime but succeed in stripping citizens of their right to have guns..