CONSTITUTION ARTICLE INameThis organization shall be named the Hippocratic Society ARTICLE IIPurposeThe purpose of the Hippocratic Society, hereafter referred to as the Society, shall be to foster and broaden the intellectual perspectives of those with an interest in medicine; to facilitate this end, the club shall hold regular meetings, sponsor, when possible, academic and social pursuits such as guest speakers, attendances at state and national conventions of interest, and interaction with students at other colleges akin interests. ARTICLE IIIMembershipThe Society shall be open to all students, faculty and staff of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA). In cases where cross-matriculation agreements exist between MCLA and other colleges, the Society shall be open to all members of these colleges as well. All members of the Society shall be subject to the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Codes of Conduct. Failure to adhere to any College policies may be grounds for the termination of ones membership to the Society upon an affirmative vote of three-quarters of the Society's active members. The Society shall also have, as ex-officio members, faculty advisors whose prerogatives shall be to advise the society.

ARTICLE IVMeetingsThe Society shall hold regular meetings at a time, place, and manner to be determined by a majority of its members. Quorum for the Hippocratic Society shall be defined the presence of a majority of active Society members ARTICLE Officers and Duties Any active member of the society may run for office or be elected as an officer of the Society. Active membership as used in the preceding clauses shall be defined as a member who submits their name to the club roster. The Hippocratic Society shall hold annual elections to elect officers who will serve a term of one academic year.

Such elections shall be held at the beginning of each academic year in a manner approved by a majority of the Society. The Society shall have a president whose duties shall be to call and oversee all club meetings, represent the club to the college community as well as other institutions. The president may also, when the Society deems it crucial, assume other leadership responsibilities beyond those purveyed by this Constitution. The Society shall have a vice president who shall assume presidential duties and authority in the absence of the president.

The Society shall have a treasurer whose prerogatives shall be to handle the Society's finances. The treasurer, in consultation with the executive council, shall also be responsible for the preparation and submission of the Society's annual budget to the MCLA Student Government. The Society shall have a secretary whose duties shall be to maintain transcripts of all meetings. The secretary shall also be responsible for all non-financial records of the Society. The Society shall have, as an ex-officio member of the Executive Council, a Parliamentarian, whose authority, beyond those of custodian of parliamentary rules, shall be to preside over Executive meetings.

ARTICLE VI The Executive Council The Society shall have an executive council, which shall consist of the President, the Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian, whose function shall be to determine the manner in which general meetings are to be held. The Executive Council in union with the treasurer, shall congregate to discuss, prepare, and submit to the general membership for majority approval, the Student Government budget request once every year. From time to time and if a majority deems it necessary, the Society shall grant the executive council greater responsibilities. ARTICLE VII Removal and / or Replacement of Officers Subject to the submission of a petition by a member of the Executive Council accompanied by the approval of a majority of the Society's membership, and affirmatively voted on by three-quarters of the Society, the Society may a impeach and remove any member from its ranks. ARTICLE VIII Constitutional and Bylaws Amendments This Constitution and subsequent Bylaws may be amended upon a written request from any active member of the Society.

A request for constitutional or bylaws amendment must, state explicitly, which section of the Constitution or Bylaw it seeks to amend, and must be approved by a majority of the Society's members to be received for debate. To complete final amendment, the aforementioned request must be approved by three-quarters of the Society's members. BYLAWS Meetings of the Executive Council The Executive Council shall meet the first Monday of each month to discuss the state of the Society. Members of the council may also call an emergency meeting of the Society, subject to the approval of a majority of the council's membership. Before each Council meeting, the president shall write and submit an agenda that shall include the Executive Bill of Particulars for the month.

This Bill shall be a list of motions articulating only, the President's monthly priorities for the Society. The Bill may be received upon a single vote by the Council; it may equally be amended upon a majority vote by members of the Council. It's only after a majority of the Executive Council has affirmatively accepted a Bill will said Bill be placed on the general agenda. Passage of a Bills contained in the Executive File shall be by a majority vote of the Executive Council. So as to become binding, such presidential Bills must be submitted for general approval, to the Society. Parliamentary Procedure All procedural matters governing the Society, unless explicitly stated in the Society's Constitution or Bylaws, may be referenced from the Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedures..