Columbus's Arrival A lot of people would agree that Christopher Columbus was the founder of and first to discover America. On the other hand, people have come to the conclusion that Christopher Columbus was the worst thing that could have ever happened to America. This is the question were trying to find, would it have been better if he never even discovered this unexplored continent? Through all of my research and interviews I've come to this conclusion. There are to many good and bad arguments dealing with Columbus, too many to even make my own decision but here are a few things that other people in my generation have to say. Before Christopher Columbus came, life in this unexplored territory was vast and extremely empty except for the native Americans that inhabited a few separated acres of this continent. They were here before anybody they had discovered Cuba, the west coast and even the Pacific Coast of California.

Life was plain and simple for the Natives, they had adequate amounts of food and water they had treatments for almost all diseases they were just fine and dandy except for the occasional tribal war over land. Soon that life was about to change and all credit is given by most to Christopher Columbus. "First of all he never even reached America, he landed in Cuba. Second he, not personally, was the reason for thousands of Native Americans deaths." Indigo Rodriguez.

"He brought over so many diseases that there really was no chance for the natives to survive." Cort Zimmerman. His arrival brought so many horrific things but the one that really caught my attention from what people said was that of the forcing of the Christian religion on the natives. The Spanish (Columbus), came over with a mentality of, our religion is the only one that will lead you to heaven so either you convert or we " ll kill you. "I'm sorry to say this but if things didn't happen the way they did, society and religion wouldn't be as prosperous as it is today.

We could still be learning how electricity works if it weren't for him... This county might not even of turned out Democratic, the Russians could of got here first and actually of prospered with a communist society." Dimitri Boyd. I asked people of what they thought of science and evolution and the response from a majority was that of "I'm all for it, I wouldn't have such a cool car if it wasn't for science." Ryan Burrows. Most People seem to believe in the thought of, only the strong should survive. Some other interesting facts that I found were saying that when explorers first came they brought over, besides diseases and guns, a way of teaching and learning how to grow abundant crops that would survive through out much of the year.

Probably the biggest thing that changed Native Americans lives were the arrival of horses. Distance was one of the natives greatest obstacles, with the horses they were able to travel further than ever before, hunt game easier and flee from enemies that were on the attack. Really there are to many legitimate points coming from each side and know one will ever know the real answer, until technology increases fifty times. So only you can answer the question of; would it have been better if Christopher Columbus had never even discovered America.