o War without fighting Concerned America and the Soviet Union Atlantic Charter, Aug 1941 o Tehran Conference, Dec 1943. FDR, Churchill and Stalin  What to do with Germanyo Oct 1944, Europe divided into sections: Western powers and Eastern Block Yalta, Feb 1945  Big Three. Allies close to victory, Soviets in control of Poland. Cold War may have begun here. a. Germany disarmed b.

Split into 4 zones c. USSR get half of reparations d. USSR join UNo Potsdam, July 1945 o Truman is US president a. Germany disarmed b. De-Nazificationc. War Crimes.

Reparations in kind (other countries can take goods) o Europe in 2 spheres of influence a. Communist. Capitalist Soviets afraid of US economy and atom bomb Iron curtain defending upon Europeo Greek civil war  US and Russia fight with opposing sides, never fire a shot at each other March 12. 1947  The Truman Doctrine This doctrine proclaims a policy of containment a.

American foreign policy must contain Communism June 1947, Marshall Plana. Sec. Of State, George Marshall stated that the US would give billions of dollars to whoever wanted it. o American goal: To rebuild Europe so it doesn't fall to communism o Russians refused money Other countries took them, but with strings attached a.

Must open money to US good sb. Must open economic policies for US to look a to Berlin Crisis: Germany into 4 zones and Berlin into 4 zone so Berlin in Russian side Goods come in by train, road and air 1948, new gov't in West Germanyo East German money was worthless o 1948: Blockade of roads and rail by Soviets into Berlino Berlin Airlift: US forces and British forces flew supplies to Berlino Soviets gave in 1949 o Soviets wanted to get rid of Western influence in Europeo April 1949 NATO was created o First time US has been in a peace-time agreement August 1949, West Germany elects a Chancellor Europe split between East and West Europe on its was to economic recovery o Western Europe on its was to political unity o Feb 1948, coupe in Czechoslovakia o Went Communist same as Russia.