Britian and the colonies had tensions between each other from the time that the adventurous 1 colonists wanted to branch out away from the powerful grip of Britian. Although Britian did not want to let the colonists start there own country they still believed that an extension to their country would be very beneficial to their economy and power. Britian had laws and taxes on the colonists that seemed unfair to the colonists; and they were, but they benefited Britian a great deal by extending their power further into the world. Now that the British had set up their colony and set down their rules and regulations the colonists felt that they were being treated unfairly and believed that they deserved more freedom than the British gave them. After such things as the Sugar Act, Stamp Act and the brutality of the Boston Massacre the colonists began to get restless and striving toward freedom from the higher power that ruled their everyday. Protest groups began to rise from the disgruntled people, groups like the Committees of Correspondence.

This group gave the people something to believe in. This group clearly told them that they had more rights than the British told them. Inevitably the colonists waged war on the mighty British government. This may have seemed to be a good choice; the British were unfair, so it seemed that the colonists had a right to declare their independence from Britain. And of course it seems to be a good division because the United States is now the most powerful country in the world. However was it smart Christian division, what does the bible say about war and going against your own government.

In the book of Romans it directly tells the reader that going against your government it is going against Gods will because the government was put there by God. So if this is the case the colonists were all heathens and the whole economy, society and culture of the United States was based on an unjust sinful idea. Yes, that would be true if the Bible did not have another portion specifically handling this sort of situation. In another section of the Bible it reads that a person must only follow a government if it is not leading the person away from God.

So if a government directly disobeys Gods word the nit is not right to follow its rule and teachings. Did the British do this? Yes, the British passed many different laws that would go against the biblical things like the Quebec Act and the many other unfair taxes and rules. When the British killed those men during the Boston Massacre, I would say that that was not a very Christian action. If the British did things like this all the time then the colonists had all the right to run from Britains rule. Now that the colonists had a good reason to leave and a good Christian reason. They may not have gone about leaving in the most Biblical way, since waging war on a country is not a good Christian attitude, but again in the Bible it has many wars that were fought for Christian things.

So if leaving the British government is Christian, then it could be said that the colonists had all the right in the world to leave the British and establish the country we know today.