Of Mice and Men Review Of mice and men was such a great movie it was shocking that it didn't receive any Academy Awards. Gary Sinise made a heart effecting very well done adaptation on Steinbeck's classic novel. It is set in the great depression, where men travel around trying to get any work they can. It is based around two characters George (Gary Sinise) and Lennie (John Malkovich).

Both characters care for each other deeply and take care of one another. Lennie has a mental disability but is very strong, whereas George is very intelligent and cunning and he does the thinking for both of them, while Lennie does a lot of the work. Both Lennie and George find themselves working on a ranch during harvest season with a variety of other quaint characters. The foreman of this ranch is named Curley and Curley's unnamed wife who plays an important role. The life of these two men is held up by a dream of one day owning their own piece of land.

Candy (Ray Watson) is an old cripple and old ranch hand, he finds out about George and Lennie's plan to buy land he wants to buy into it. Crook's is another character, a black labourer that is left lonely because he is excluded, and Slim who is a labourer who the others tend to look up to. Curley's wife likes to show off the fact that she's good looking and in turn, tends to get people into trouble. Sheri lyn Finn quite convincingly plays the character of Curley's wife. Unfortunately Curley's wife can't find anyone to pay attention to her leaving her lonely the same way some of the other characters feel. The film has some very strong acting throughout the film.

The acting was led by the always wonderful John Malkovich as Lennie. He fulfils his character in the novel as someone that towers over the others, and is intimidating until he speaks, when he lets out innocent whispers. This movie wasn't action based it was definitely dialogue driven, just as the book was. I think that was a nice touch. The movie is about the interaction between different kinds of people and I think it displayed that greatly.