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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Pride And Prejudice: Summary - 1,093 words

The sample essay you see on this page is a free essay, available to anyone. You are welcome to use this samle for your research! However, we strongly do not recommend using any direct quotes from this essay for credit - you will most probably be caught for copying/pasting off the Internet.

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... to introduce Mr. Bingley to Georgiana Darcy. Volume two begins with a visit to Longbourn from Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner,the Bennet daughter's aunt and uncle. Trusting her aunt's judgement, Elizabethintroduces her to Wickham, who agrees that he is handsome but warns Elizabethagainst marrying someone lacking money.

After examining Jane's situation,Elizabeth and the Gardiner's agree that it would be wise for her to leave withthem to London. After she arrives there, she tries in vain to contact theBingley's, and the eventual reply is brief and unwelcoming. Although Jane is avery warmhearted and trusting character, she begins to doubt that she curriesmuch favor with the Bingley sisters, however she continues her stay in London.Meanwhile, at Longbourn, Elizabeth almost reluctantly accepts an invitation fromCharlotte Lucas to visit her in her new home. En route she visits her sister atthe Gardiners, and is content with Jane's situation. Continuing on the trip,Elizabeth finally arrives at Rosings, Mrs. Collins's new home. Although Mr.Collins continues to try and impress Elizabeth with the quality of his home andthe the genorosity of Lady deBourgh.

Elizabeth, however, finds Lady Catherineto be excessively rude and difficult to get along with, and does not once regrether refusal to Mr. Collins's proposal. Additionally, Elizabeth learns of LadyCatherine's plans to marry Mr. Darcy to her daughter, and Elizabeth is not upsetby this news in the least. Mr. Darcy arrives for Easter, accompanied by hiscousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, who is openly attracted to Elizabeth. Elizabethcontinues to be baffle by Darcy's behavior: he seeks her conversation at socialgatherings, and he follows her on walks until finally he surprises her with awedding proposal.

Darcy proposes, however, in a manner condescending toElizabeth and her family as if he were doing a favor to her by proposing. Sherefuses him instantly, and blames him for Wickham's problems, which had earlierbenn described to her by Colonel Fitzwilliam and for separating Jane and CharlesBingley. Darcy does not deny these accusations and leaves bitterly. Thefollowing morning, Darcy seeks Elizabeth out on one of her walks and gives her aletter in all manner of politeness. Upon her reading it, she changes most ofher preconceptions about Darcy as he answers all of her charges with the utmosteloquence and politeness. As a response to Elizabeth's charges, Darcy claimedhe wanted Mr.

Bingly to marry a wealthy woman and it did not seem to him thatJane had any particular affection for him. Indeed, Elizabeth had alreadyacknowledged that Jane did mask her feeelings to a great extent. Furthermore,Darcy claimed that he had done all in his power to help Wickham, a man hedespised, and was not excessively cruel to him. Elizabeth reflects upon theletter and decides it to be the truth, and is emotionally changed in referenceto Darcy. She returns to Longbourn to find her younger sisters unhappy that themilitia in town would soon be leaving to Brighton. Lydia, the younger ofElizabeth's sisters is overjoyed when she recieves an invitation to travel toBrighton with her friend, a Ms. Forster.

Elizabeth advises her father toprevent Lydia from going, however he will not, and Elizabeth shift her attentionto happy anticipation of the trip she will soon be taking with her aunt anduncle Gardiner. Elizabeth soon learns that her aunt wishes to visit the mansioowned by Mr Darcy at Pemberley, and when she learns he will not be there, sheconsents. So ends volume two. The third and final volume begins with Elizabeth on vacation travelingwith Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner. Upon their arrival at Pemberley, she is surprisedby the excessive praise the maid gives her master, and impressed by the eleganceof the house itself.

Although the maid claimed that Mr. Darcy would not soon bereturning, Elizabeth is surprised to see him there soon after her own arrival.After some initail awkwardness, he treats with great civility and pleasantness,and Elizabeth is shocked at the tremendous change in his behavior. The followingday, Darcy, Bingley, and Georgiana all visit the inn where the Gardiners andElizabeth are staying. Elizabeth impresses Darcy's sister who he claims wasanxious to meet her, and Elizabeth begins to feel more than just respect forDarcy himself. The Gardiners remark on the interactions between the two, butElizabeth says nothing that appears to be a commitment of any sort. WhenElizabeth returns on a visit to Pemberley, Miss Bingley is there, and shecontinues in her criticisms of Elizabeth, although Darcy is once again in lovewith her. Catastrophe occurs while Elizabeth is at Pemberley as Jane writes herto notify her that Lydia has eloped with Wickham and it is highly unlikely thetwo have been married.

Elizabeth bursts into tears but then relays the messageto Darcy who understands her urgency and makes arrangements for their immediatedeparture. After retuning home, Elizabeth learns her father is searching forLydia and Wickham, however Mr.Bennet soon returns and leaves Mr. Gardiner to thesearching. After several days, they are located and Wickham consents tomarrying Lydia for a surprisingly low monetary settlement. Mr. Bennet thinksthat Mr. Gardiner offered Wickham substantially more, but it is not till laterthat the reader learns Darcy orchestrated the entire event.

After the situationhad cooled, Lydia and her new husband visit Longbourn, and Mrs.Bennet isoverjoyed to have her daughter married. Lydia appears unembarrassed of thecircumstances under which she was married, and Elizabeth assumes correctly thatLydia loves her husband more than he loves her. Through a careless remark byLydia that Darcy attended her wedding, Elizabeth learns partly of hi involvementand write to her aunt asking for the details. After she learns this, sheexamines her feelings and realizes she truly loves Darcy. To the disappointmentof his sister, Binglet returns to Netherfield and he and Jane continue theircourting until he finally proposes to her and she happily accepts. Now that asecond daughter has been married, Mrs.

Bennet is almost overcome with joy.Elizabeth is distracted by Darcy's unwillingness to speak with her and issomewhat troubled, when Lady Catherine visits Longbourn to confirm a rumor thatElizabeth and Darcy were to be amrried. Elizabeth responds that the two will doas they please, and ingnores Lady Catherine's arguments that her daughter is setto wed Darcy. Lady Catherine leaves to speak with Darcy in great frustration,and it is through this that Darcy finally achieves the courage to propose onceagain to Elizabeth, however this time she accepts. The announcement of theirmarriage is a surprise to Elizabeth's family, and her father goes so far as towarn her against marrying without love; it is implied that he made asimilarmistake. Elizabeth, however, is deeply satisfied with Darcy and their marriageis a happy one, as Dacy overcame his pride and Elizabeth her prejudice. So endsPride and Prejudice..

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