Aphelion is the point on the orbit of a celestial body that is farthest from the sun. The aphelion was very extravagant. Perihelion is the point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body. The perihelion of earth is near dar month of June.

Objurgation is to bind by oath. The objurgation occurred between the king and his men. Desultory is to jump from one thing to another. President Bush's speeches are often desultory. Cornucopia is an abundance of a certain item. Fast food restaurants are very cornucopia in the United States.

Demagoguery is impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace. The Demagoguery failed to appeal to the public. Julian West of Looking Backward was engaged to Edith Bartlett, a wealthy Boston aristocrat. They planned to get married after their new house was finished, but frequent strikes by the builders delayed the completion of the project for over a year. Strikes were common during this era, but often failed to gain anything for the workers. Julian suffered insomnia, and thus was forced to build an underground chamber to protect him from the noise.

During this era, there was a clear distinction between the upper class and the lower class. In essence there was no middle class. A person was either poor or wealthy. West was a part of the minority that enjoyed an unequal distribution of wealth. He was in the class that believed those who lacked the resources of wealth were inferior to them. Once class based -activism took place, the education, resources and wealth would be distributed the common man.

The poor would begin to uprise, and the wealthy would begin to loose their seats on the prosperous wagon. The wealthy rationalize their luxury with the belief that they are superior to the impoverished masses or the belief that there is nothing that could possibly remove the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Once again, the wealthy seem to disregard the rest of the world around them. They believe that the people who lack wealth are inferior to themselves.

The Bostonians in 1887 believed they were superior to everyone else, why spend the money on something that everyone could enjoy. A great change had to occur between the Bostonians of 2000 and 1887. The Bostonians of 2000 believed in an equal society, rather than completely disregarding the public good. Believes and morals took a major shift throughout this time period, people began to value kindness, and morals more so than wealth.