In about 2 or 3 pages discuss the significance of this piece of dialogue and tell how this scene encapsulates one of the pervading themes of the film. In Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, the conversation between Marion and Norman has shown extreme importance to both the plot and the themes of the movie. As the movie shown Norman's psychotic mind, we but give great evidence of how the environment had influence on him. With the comparison of other character's personalities, audiences are actually persuaded back to see the similarity of his mind to normal people's. Traps are also discussed in this significant dialogue, to show his logical thinking of his situation. As scenes of logic's shown from Norman comes up one by one, Norman's rational process of thinking give as a big question 'Is he really a Psycho or just the smartest murderer?' In comparison from Norman Bates' psychotic mind to Marion Crane and Sam Loomis's, they are very similar as shown in one of the example in the dialogue.

In the dialogue, Norman's logical explanation of his situation has shown his rational mind, as normal as any other people. He explained to Marion his loyalty to his mother which if her mother really is like described, he is the best boy a mother can have. In comparison to Marion, the psycho has actually even more logically than she is - a normal person, as he point out she can't hide from the traps once she choose to step on them. 'I think that we " re all in our private traps-clamped in them.

And none of us can ever get out. We- we scratch for all of it but we never budge an inch.' The logic of his mind can even explain and redirect a normal person, and therefore, the dialogue is very significant in the proving of Norman Bates is actually a very clever person. Even, after their conversation, the murder of Marion to Norman's personality is a symbol of sexual act or rape in his psychotic mind. In comparison to Marion and Sam, his sexual desire is similar to their un respectable affairs in hotel rooms.

These shows the complication of Norman Bates mind is actually going the same way as any other normal people's mind, but in a more extreme level. The abnormal behaviour's of normal people in some time of their life are shown to be even more irrational than a so-called psycho. The theme of don't laugh at the psycho of his abnormal behaviour's, they are just some interaction of their environment that we might do the same under the same circumstances. From the cause of the pathologically-crazed mind of Norman Bates, we can understand the parental influence of child can be. From the actual history of Norman's parents, the hardness of his mother as a widow have make him suffer as well.

His love has also brought great jealousy when she had fall in love with another man. After he poisoned his mother and her lover, he cover his guilt by splitting personality to virtually suggest his mother is still alive. With his taxidermist skill and wearing clothes of hers, he recreate her personality. In the dialogue 'Mother, uh - what is the phase? She isn't quite herself today', suggested he was trapped with his mother when she was young, but had even greatly disturbed his mind making situation that her mother is still alive and argue with him. The reason of the psychotic mind of Norman has shown in the conversation between him and Marion, therefore tell audience the background where a child is born can even affect a child's mind to craziness and insanity. Some traps although we are born into, we may also choose to step in more traps in our daily lives.

The trap that Marion semi-consciously step into in the theft behaviour, and even in our society, gambling, smoking and drinking are also behaviour's of unawareness of the negative impact, but being too short-sighted. As Norman Bates himself describe the so negative effect of steeping into traps, he deliberately murdered Marion and everyone knows it is not a crime that you can get away with easily. But his short-sighted mind in fulfilling his desire of killing and sex has overwhelmed his mind, as both personality desire the same thing. The dialogue in the movie suggested Norman Bates' logical thoughts, but with great cleverness, he still chose to step in more traps. In conclusion, Norman Bates has murdered people with a good way of covering his mind. His cleverness has let him pretended to be a illogical psycho, therefore fooled the spectators.

The conversation before the climax of murdering Marion has shown aspects of psycho into life, and therefore tell the audience more things about the truth of life. These aspects in the dialogue all come down to one encapsulate on them of the movie, the freedom of choices people made in people's life, choosing money, sex or got no choice at all. And even the procedure of choosing is discussed when traps are in all people's lives, and will make people never come back again to the normal society.