My Generation Every group receives a name, whether it is a club or organization, plants, animals or people. No matter what it is, it will receive a label so that it can be referred to easily. For instance, those born between the years 1977 and 1997 were given the title of the "Digital Generation." This label was attained because of the widespread technology that is available to them from birth. The "Digital Generation" is not only about the Internet and technology, but is also about high values, a strong belief in self-expression and spirituality. The values of past generations have been very self-centered. Yet "Generation D", as it is called, believes in equal rights for all and a strong connection with family and friends.

Yet they are so materialistic that the older generations see them as "floozies with credit cards." This is one of the reasons why there are so many equal rights activists today. Never before has there been such a range of reasons to stand up for ones right. For instance, there are so many organizations to stop violence against people; race, creed, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc. , are irrelevant. Today's youth is acquainted with many different people, but they only share close connections with a select few. A person of this generation will know many people and be friendly with them, however the personally association is only present with the people that have been known for an extended periods of time.

Although this generation has a strong sense of equality, they are still materialistic. From the clothes they wear to the cars that they drive this generation appreciates things for face value and not the quality. All in all, "Generation D" is very open minded compared to what their elders in society believe. Moreover, "Generation D" utilizes the freedom of expression more than any generation before it. Many popular forms of self-expression include tattooing and body piercing. Although these forms of expression are considered to be trendy, they actually have their roots in originality.

For example, the native people of the Hawaiian Islands use tattoos to record their ancestral line. Therefore, each tattoo is unique to the individual. Then of course there is the piercing of different body parts, which, in parts of Africa, the larger the lobe of the ear is stretched the higher rank the person holds in society. Piercing in the United States holds little or no significant purpose; except for a select few which provide pleasure. Through various body modifications people consider themselves to be distinguished from the rest. "Generation D" has the knowledge of many different spiritual rites that American youth has the opportunity to believe in whatever he / she chooses to, instead of being forced into a particular belief.

Generations before were born into a religion, they lived that religion by the book, and eventually died that religion. The youth of America today has the freedom to choose from a belief that is Polytheistic, Monotheistic, Atheist, or earth worshipping. Because of the openness of the American people, this generation is capable of choosing its own spirituality. Although "Generation D" is considered spoiled with outstanding technological advances, they still wish to believe that they have high moral values, individual self-expression, and an open mind towards spirituality.

Given these advantages one would wonder what future generations will become. Hopefully they will surpass the limitations of "Generation D.".