We go to places of comfort to get away from the burden of harsh realities. People use hiding places of physical means like a closet or library, to maybe think of things they care for and things that make them happy and. Whether it be your bedroom, your closet, you know you can always count on the satisfaction of you hidden place to be there for you and blanket you. No matter what, your hiding place is always going to be easily accessible and very accommodating. People enjoy this because it is a place they can go to for a guaranteed refreshing experience. Someone might resort to their room with the door shut and locked after a break up with a partner and write about the past experiences that they have endured together.

The hiding place gives off an aura of familiarity and comfort. Something we can all use in a desperate time. Essentially, a hiding place has to provide a familiar physical stimuli. Hiding places often reside in the pages of literature. Within literature lies the tales of people lives, experiences, and knowledge. People love to play the part in Shakespeare, or be one of the knights from King Arthur's Round table.

It sets them closer to freedom. In books, inhibitions are set free, and people can ultimately be what they want. This is important when someone is feeling insignificant. Everyone needs to feel wanted, loved, and noticed, and if someone can not obtain these needs from someone, they will resort to someWHERE they can. Potential problems for hiding places is the disregard for the realities of the modern world.

Someone who spends all there time in books is living there life falsely and will face tasks that they will not be able to conquer due to insecurities. Examples of the insecurities they endure are lack of confidence and lack of trust in others. These will arise because the person is ordinarily not used to the social surroundings of others and feels inadequate of performing everyday skills that you or I would take for granted. We all have somewhere to go to avoid the realities of the world in which we live. However, we must balance the fictitious with the non and and try to live a life to better understand ourselves and reality. PEACE!.