Which system is better, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Game Cube, or Sony PlayStation 2? Which system is the better buy? These are just some of the questions people ask themselves when it comes to purchasing one of these systems. In my opinion, I believe that the "best buy" is the PlayStation 2. The PS 2 offers a reasonably powerful processor, about 297 MHz (Megahertz). It may seem a little bit on the sluggish side compared to the processor of Xbox, about 733 MHz, and to the Game Cube processor, about 485 MHz. If you ask me, I think that 733 MHz is a little much for a gaming console, it's just plain ridiculous. The PS 2 has enough power to run high quality games.

And with the planned decrease in cost for the PS 2, you should be able to get one for lower than the normal price, $299, sometime in the near future. Microsoft cannot decrease their price for Xbox, $299, because they are already losing money selling systems, about $50 a system sold. So that tells you that the PS 2 could match the price of Game Cube, $199, before long. The Sony PlayStation 2 uses 8 MB (Megabyte) memory cards to save games. Depending on how much space a game save takes up, you could have about 20 game saves. The Xbox comes equipped with an 8 GB (Gigabyte) hard drive for saving games and saving music from audio CD's.

With 8 GB you could probably have up to 20, 000 saves, but no way in a life time could you ever fill it up with saves. But the music, you could fit up to 80 songs on the hard drive with no saves. The Game Cube uses 500 kb (kilobyte, 1/2 MB) Digi cards, that's practically nothing compared to PS 2. Sony has a 10 or 15 GB hard drive planned to come out during June of 2002. Both PlayStation 2 and Xbox have the capability to play DVD's, but with Xbox, there's a catch. You need to purchase a $30 DVD Playback Kit.

With PS 2, you can watch DVD's right after you hook it up, without any extra purchases. Game Cube cannot play DVD's, and probably never will, although Nintendo is developing a DVD playing Game Cube, it will probably be well over what it is priced now. The PS 2 can play DVD's, audio CD's, PlayStation 2 discs, and PlayStation discs. The Xbox supports audio CD's, DVD's (with kit), and Xbox discs.

The Game Cube only supports the 1. 5 GB Game Cube disc. The controller for the PlayStation 2 has been the same since Sony came out with the Dual Shock controller for PlayStation, so the controllers from Sony are universal with both the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. The PS 2 controller is just the right size for any age. The Xbox controller is huge compared to the Game Cube and PS 2 controllers.

The hands of a 6 year old could not be able to press all of the buttons. The Game Cube controller is about the same size as a PS 2 controller except it has less buttons. The PS 2 has games made for people in any age group. I believe that the Game Cube is mainly directed toward the younger kids because most all of the games made so far are either rated "Everyone" or "Teen." I have not yet seen a Game Cube game rated "Mature." I also believe that the Xbox is directed toward older people because most of the games contain some type of violence or swearing. There are only a few games for Xbox suitable for young children.

Although the Xbox has some pretty high specifications, I still believe that the PS 2 has the power to satisfy anyone who purchases it. Many kids debated on what system they wanted for Christmas. According to IGN. com, Sony got the most sales with PlayStation 2 than that of Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Game Cube during Christmas of 2001.

Again, I still believe, and probably all ways will, that PlayStation 2 is the best console available on today's market.