The Poem entitled 'Do It Now (Not Tomorrow But Today) was written by Michael Bar abash who was deemed as 'The poet of optimism'; . The poem is about life and symbolizes how we choose to use the time of the future, in a positive way. The future time is a crucial part of life, which can work to your advantage or disadvantage. Everyone is blessed with time, even though some have more advantages then others money wise and so on, we are all give time and can use it to our advantage.

As the quote says in the third stanza 'success obeys the everlasting now'; implying that time is of the essence and however we choose to use it, can greatly affect how your life plays out. A second quote states 'The Future waits- the while our past recedes'; , the past is nothing but memories and can't be changed, while the future awaits for you to change it. However, you decide to change it reflects back on you and can determine whether you lead a successful life or not. Problems and boundaries will make changing the future the way you want harder, but every one faces those and the future presents time for you to over come them and move on in most instances. How you use the future can be so important, as the author states ' Today is ours, to find a better way, to live; to love; to labor and to play'; . If you use the futures time to your advantage it can greatly help you 'the now alone can furnish all our needs'; allowing you to accomplish whatever you want or set out to do in life.

Allow you to attain things that will outweigh and help overcome the tribulation that might present itself in your future. Almost anyone who is successful in life has taken advantage of the future and used it to overcome things and get places. Time should not be taken for granted on a regular basis, everybody procrastinates, but how much you procrastinate can determine how much money you make. This is a very symbolic and powerful poem, which focuses on life and symbolizes how we choose to live it by the changing the futures and using its time constructively. The future time can greatly benefit you if you use it correctly but can also work against you if you do not use it properly.