After reading the book Bless Me, Ultima I have realized that magic plays a very important part in this book. It is important in ways that you may not have realized. There are many different types of magic and it seems that the book Bless Me, Ultima touches every single one of those kinds. Some examples are; the magic of Ultima, the magic or religion and the magic of childhood and its beliefs (the golden carp). Those are all kinds of magic that play a very important role in this book. In spite of this, I believe that it is the magic of Ultima who binds this book together and makes it what it is - a classic piece of captivating literary.

Throughout the book you are always reading about how Ultima's magic saves a life or even possibly kills a life. You even read about her magic causing hatred among her and, the devil incarnate, Tenorio. It is due to Ultima's magic that Tenorio develops a very strong hatred to Ultima. Tenorio's hatred towards Ultima is what intrigues us to go on and read more. Although Antonio's curiosity about life and religion can be somewhat interesting, many people may not like the book as much if it were not for Ultima's powers. Through Ultima's powers, Antonio learns a lot.

He probably has learned that he should never bother or became enemies with a witch or a bruna. I also think that Antonio has matured a lot from the time he first was introduced in the book until the end. Although the book takes place in just a few years, you almost sense Antonio becoming manly as opposed to his childish ways in the beginning of the book. This never could have happened without the help of Ultima. Unlike any other elderly friend, Ultima could understand Antonio better than most others. This may have been for the reason that Ultima's owl always seemed to keep watch over Antonio and therefore the owl knew what was going on in Antonio's life.

This made a special bond with Ultima to Antonio. Ultima and Antonio would not be able to have that special kind of relationship without her special powers. It is just such a shame, that it was Ultima's powers that was what ended up killing her.