Animal Testing More and more animals are being taken form their natural habitats and tested on every year. Researchers, scientists, and companies just trying to make new products are using animals to further their experiments. If animal testing continues to happen at this rate then their will be no animals left to use for food, study, or even for simple amusement. When the animals are being taken form their natural environments it harms the natural food chain and other ways of life.

When people abusing the animal's rights they make the animals suffer and decrease their overall population. Many people are trying to find ways to end this hurting of nature. Some people find different ways like using computer simulations and other new sources. Many animals are dying everyday from humans testing on them. These animals have been tested on for research, drug use, and to test company products. Testing on animals leads to more diseases occurring.

There are many groups assembling to stop the scientists and researchers from hurting the animals. Some people try and argue the reasons for why animals are being abused. Some say that it is for science and to expand our knowledge. There are many new forms of diseases being found everyday. A major cause of these new diseases is testing on animals. Many scientists and researchers find that new forms of diseases or showing up from exposing new substances to animals.

(Hart, Snyder pg#1+) Research at the Barrow Neurological institute in Phoenix has shown that injecting cancer cells into beagle puppy's brains has caused a new, different form of cancer. (Hart, Snyder pg#1+) Another way diseases are spreading is the fact that people in Korea are eating dogs and passing different diseases between spaces. Many people that are not testing on live animals are contracting diseases too. (Texley pg#1+) Some students in an Alabama school caught a slightly different case of the flu from dissecting dead frogs in biology class. Many groups have been formed to stop animals from being abused and tested on for selfish reasons. Animals are being tortured and killed for some companies to test their products.

(Motavalli pg#3+) Many people in there groups are going to law schools in America that offer animal rights law. Animal rights are now being taught in twenty five to thirty schools now a. (Hart, Snyder pg#1+) The worlds first humane society for animals was founded in London in 1824. (Hart, Snyder pg#1+) Many members of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA point out that chimpanzees share 98% of DNA with humans, but people still test on them. (Morrison pg#20+) Every $100 expended for health cost, only 40 cents goes to stopping lab testing. (Morrison pg#20+) 470 to 7, 000 organizations share the world wide view that testing on animals is wrong.

Many people believe that testing on animals for the sake of science and furthering our knowledge is ok. This is one of the main reason animals are being tested on. (Motavalli pg#26+) Some scientists try and prove that animals have no desires, memories, expectations, or even souls. A few even say that science they have no should they cannot think nor feel pain. (Balcombe pg#8+) Many people test on animals to see the side effects of new drugs and other substances.

(Texley pg#1+) The national Science teachers association or NSTA found that new teachers had to be brought in to teach biology now a days because old teachers were not capable with teaching dissection. Even though some "researchers" say that testing on animals is for the good of science, it's still not saving any lives. The animal testing has led to more diseases, groups tying to fight it, and groups supporting it. In the end it's a lot of controversy that doesn't need to happen. If people stop testing on animals then their will be much le animals abuse in the world.

Is the safety of animals more valuable then furthering science? You decide. Testing on animals is not only a waste of animal life its hurting the plant life and the rest of nature too. Natural Resources are being destroyed from decreasing the population of animals. For example if usually bees pollinate flowers and make honey start getting tested all the honey will be gone. The world depends on animals and other living things to succeed.

When the number of animals in the world overall decreases, the overall status of nature decreases. Everyday more and more animals that are: being tested on, dying, and being taken from their natural habitat are hurting the natural ecosystems (Texley 20+). When animals get removed from their homes it changes the cycle of nature and the food chain does not function right (Morrison 7+). Nature system will not fix itself, researchers companies, and scientists need to stop taking animals and abusing their rights as living things (Texley 6+). The population of animals is going down drastically every year. Over 180 slight chimps were taken into a lab in Oklahoma for research (Balcombe 18+).

250 guinea pigs were taken to research in 2003 to test their stress reaction levels when put "under pressure" (Snyder and Hart 13+). In 2001 more then 5, 000 mice were bred for 2 years for different test and experiments with experimental drugs (Morrison 21+). Now scientists are asking for an amendment to test illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin on mice for research in the United State (Texley 17+). Resources are being used up by people more and more every day. The fact is that resources of food and building materials are being used to build structures and keep facility's running that mistreat the rights of animals today (Snyder Hart). Some of the simple things such as: spider eating unwanted bugs and tigers decreasing the overwhelming population of the deer family are being taken away by so called "researchers" looking for new developments (Motavalli 19+).

More of the resources from animals that are used for medicines like some of the poison from snakes which is used to make anti- poison are being used up because they are being tested on (Balcombe 24+). Nature is being harmed by the testing of animals still everyday. It is up to the people not doing the research, the ones donating the money to stop this tragedy. By stopping this tragedy nature will be better and there will be more resources. If animal testing is stopped then the number of animals, even some becoming instinct will rise drastically. There are many different ways to test and explore science with use of animals that does not involve hurting them.

Researchers could do many things to insure the safety of animals. Computer simulation and using parts of already deceased animals will be a more effective solution to the problem of animal extinction. There are groups that are working on future plans to improve the variety of alternate ways to test with animals. The main way scientists are testing on animals without hurting them is computer simulations. The Massachusetts General Hospital is studying the effects of cocaine on animals, but instead of testing on animals they use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (Stress and Substance Abuse). Students in Oklahoma are now using computer imagery instead of dissecting frogs in biology (Morrison 20+).

Researchers in Nebraska have used simulation graphics on the computer to find and cure a disease in monkeys (Snyder and Hart 4+). Another major way to do animal testing without actually hurting animals is using parts of already dead animals. Some schools are still being harassed even though they dissect animals that are already dead (Morrison 20+). Labs in Central America have substituted testing on live animals by using lymph nodes from mice that can live after the surgery (Snyder 1+). Some chimps that died in the zoo earlier in the month were taken to labs to study on their brains which were preserved after they died (Motavalli 27+). There are many actions that are being taken to stop animal testing.

People are trying to find alternate ways still to not test on animals. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is calling the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to shift their focus from encouraging animal testing to standing against it (Stress and Substance Abuse 11+). There are over 25 law schools that teach animal rights now and law students are attending daily. (Morrison 9+). News flier are being passed out in schools and at the work place to get families and children to stop sending money to organizations that promise research but leave out the fact that animals are being tested on for it. (Motavalli 30+).

Last November groups won a fifty five percent win on a Florida amendment to ban hog farm gestation crates that were almost smaller then the hogs (Balcombe 4+). There are many more ways to research the effects of different substances without hurting animals. The simulations on computers are getting more and more advanced every year. If researchers and scientists just use parts of animals that have already died naturally, there would be no suffering. There are now many plans going into action to stop the testing of animals.

Animals will keep on suffering and being hurt if the people who are hurting them are aloud too. This is why people are going to schools for animal rights are fighting hard to protect the animals. The population of animals will not increase if this is aloud to continue. People will keep trying and finding ways to save the animals and still further science. I feel that animal's rights should not be violated for the sake of science. I feel life should not be traded off for simple research.

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