There are five key ingredients in building a strong continental empire. A strong continental empire must be able to up-hold these five things to survive. These five important things are: a strong central government; foreign policy, to deal with others countries, manifest destiny, to deal with matters, and the ability to solve internal problems such as social, economic, and political problems. America is a continental empire and runs itself by using these five things. The most important of these is probably the strong central government. A strong central government ensures that the government will be able to run smoothly in a time of crisis and have the capability to make sound decisions that will benefit the American populace.

Foreign policy was developed so that America would know where it stood when it came to dealing with other countries. It was important that America dealt with international problems in a uniform manner. Manifest destiny deals with the issue of how America and Americans will acquire land. Infrastructure is America working together. America depends on many things to keep it running, when these things cross paths we develop an infrastructure. America must solve internal problems all of the time.

What these problems are and how we solve them is what shapes America. America slowly began to build a continental Empire. America developed a strong continental empire by accomplishing the five things needed for a strong continental empire. America started slowly by developing a government that was rusted by the people. Once they accomplished this they started to filling in the pieces of the continental empire puzzle. They developed a strong central government.

Then America began to gain land, which led to conflicts with foreign nations. As the United States of America grew, it's infrastructure of money, transportations, and other aspects grew. With this grew the need to solve internal problems. Some of the roots of these internal problems are based in Economic, social, and political matters. Not only did America develop in to a continental empire, it has stayed one. It has stood up to many challenges since its humble beginnings and will continue too into the new millennium..