Drama Monologue Hello/Bonjour/Kanichawa I am Zar breast from the planet Tituagina, I know I may look little weird, but let me tell you, oh boy you guys are one ugly bunch of earth creatures too me too. No, No, I'm just kidding, your all not ugly, only you, you and basically all that table. You might be wondering why I don't have a mouth; it is because our kind of talks telepathically. Which can be annoying because no one ever shuts the hell up.

But you learn to deal with it, or you go insane. But anyways, I was sent here, well basically because all the other good assignments were taken by the time I got to choose. But none the less, I am here, and I an assigned to watch and observe your species. First off I would like to say, man you people eat, you eat three times at least a day.

Whoa, On my planet we don't eat, we obs orb our nutrient through these holes we call "The wholes we eat through." Secondly I noticed, your all bunch of jerks to each other eh, how about you all just suck it up and stop being such babies. You shouldn't hurt each other, you have enough problems without that. Speaking of hurting each other brings me to my next point, I plan on killing you all and taking over your pathetic planet. So just give up now and I will kill you painfully, with the "special" probe, that has a unquiet way of working. So yeah that's about it, I must be off, now see you on invasion day good bye.