Scene Starting - A Hobo walks up to a group of chairs, where 2 other people are Sitting, and sites next to them. Nar. This poor old Hobo use to be rich, now he has nothing left in the world except his pride Hobo Hello Sir. Sir (Turns to the side) I can't believe this hobo is talking to me. What Gaul, to think he wants to talk to me. (Turns back toward the hobo And say in a snobby voice) Can I help you? Hobo Why yes, would you listen to my story? Sir (Gets up) Sorry this is my bus.

Sir 2 Excuse me sir (the Hobo) I will listen to you. (moves over one seat, next to the Hobo) Hobo why sure, this story starts a long time ago. When mullets, bell-bottoms, and disco was in style. Sir 2 O.

K. keep going. Nar. A flashback back to a time when Apu wasn't always called a hobo.

A time when Apu was young, and full of spunk. A time when Apu, didn't have a tan. Scene Flash back - Desk / chairs moved out, Apu is all alone. Apu Everywhere I go, I see girls with guys. (Emphasis) Why can't I get one? Girl (walks up) Hey your kind of cute. (Walks away snickering) Nar.

Another girl teases him. By now Apu has gotten use to this kind of attention. But longs for the other kind. Man (across the room) Hey you! Apu (look around, behind you, to the side, look around again, then finally point to yourself, and have kind of a speechless look on your face) Man Ya you, come over here. Apu (In a shaky voice) Why do you want to talk to me? Man (looks left) Hey Baby, shake a leg and go get in the car.

(pause) Man O. K. Back to what we were talking about. Man I've noticed that girls walk all over you, (Apu starts nodding), they make fun of you, tease you/Apu (cuts in) Hey, hey, (emphasis) hey I get the point. So why did you want to talk to me? Man I'm going to let you in on a little secret, don't tell anyone.

Apu Sure? Man A long, long time ago, I was just like you. A scrawny little loser who couldn't get anyone to even walk in the same directions as myself. Apu (loud) Whoa! You " re lying. Man Shh, do you want me to tell you my secret or not? Apu Go on Man A long time ago, a man came up to me, just as I'm doing to you. He told me the same things that you are about to hear. Nar.

(Apu and the Man look like your talking to each other) The Man and Apu talked for a long time. They talked about what Apu should do, how to get the girls. Finally Apu agrees to do everything the man said. Apu O. K. let me get this straight, you want me to buy a cute dog, one that is brown with a black spot that is ridding a surf board? Then Join a gym and buy this store from you? Man Yes, chicks dig tone, rich looking guys.

And when your in the store, just say things like "how do you like my store," and "boy I'm bet that workout really killed me." Apu So, that really works? Man Yes, how do you think I got his way? You will have so many girls you will not know what to do with them. Apu I'll see you later then. Scene The streets - Apu is walking along the streets. Nar.

Apu is now searching for a pet store and a gym to join. Apu (walking around) Hey look a pet store. Nar. Apu walks in the pet store, it is in this pet store that he meets the girl of his dreams. Scene The Pet store - Apu walks in Nar.

Apu opens the door to the pet store and sees the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. I'm not just talking about the dogs. Apu Excuse me, how much is that doggy in the window? Jaime That dog is free, someone brought him in and wanted to get rid of him. Apu I'll take him.

Jaime O. K. have fun and good bye Nar. Apu leaves the store and continues down the street. Apu finds himself in front of the gym. Apu Oh boy! I finally found the gym.

Nar. Apu goes in the gym and signs up for a membership and hires a personal trainer. Scene The store - the Man is standing behind a desk, Apu is far away Nar. The next day, Apu finds himself in front of the store that the man owns. He is amazed by the amount of girls that go in and out of his store.

Apu (walks in the store) Hello sir. Man Hello there, one second. Apu Sure. Nar. The man puts up the out to lunch sign and waits for everyone expect Apu to leave. Man O.

K. here is what we are going to do. We are going to go down to the bank. Then I'm going to sell you the store. Apu O. K.

Nar. All goes well, Apu is now the owner of this fine store, as the months pass Apu starts getting more and more girls, then the girl from the pet store walk in. Apu. Hello... (pause / think) Jaime? Jaime Do I know you? Apu Well I bought a dog from your store a while back. Jaime Oh, I remember someone buying a dog but I don't really remember you.

Is that your dog over there? He is so cute. Apu Yes that is my dog, his name is Scooby. Jaime I like that name, and do you have a name? Apu My name is Apu. And I was wondering...

Nar. Apu asks Jaime out of a date, all goes well, and they end up dating for along time. Both Jaime and Apu feel that they are each other's soul mate. Scene The store Nar. A year goes by, and Apu comes across a broker who tells him he has a sure thing, Apu makes hundreds of dollars.

But today is a very special day, Apu has bet everything he owns on one game, it was a sure thing. But has we all know sure things are bound to be wrong every once and a while. Apu I'm sorry I don't have that much money now. Mob That's fine with me, but we " re just going to have to make a few adjustments to you and your store.

Nar. Jaime walks in at the wrong moment. All she sees is Apu getting the stuffing knocked out of him, and lying next to him, a dead lifeless dog, whom they both loved so dearly. Mob (runs out of the store) I'll be back Jaime (runs to the dog) My baby, my precious baby are you ok? Apu No, I think I need a hospital Jaime (with the dog in her arms) Mommy is going to make it all better now (runs out) Apu I hope she went to get help Nar. Jaime did go get help, it just wasn't for him.

Jaime didn't see him lying behind the counter. Jaime heard about what had happen and felt bad. She then realized that she could never be with anyone that would let dog get hurt. Apu doesn't remember much after that, only that he didn't follow everything that the man said and that he got what he deserved.

Scene Present time - 2 months later Sir 2 That really stinks. Apu Oh sorry, I haven't been able to find anywhere to shower. Sir 2 No, I mean what happen to you. I really do hope that girl of yours comes back to you and saves you from being a hobo for the rest of your life. Apu I hope so to, for my sake. (gets up and starts walking away) Good bye.

And thank you for listening. Sir 2 Good bye. Nar. As Apu starts walking away a car pulls up to the bus stop.

A beautiful girl steps out. Jaime (Walks up to the sir 2) Have you seen a man named Apu? Sir 2 Are you Jaime? Jaime Yes, how did you know my name? Sir 2 That hobo over there (Points at Apu) told me a sad story about him and the girl of his dreams. Jaime Thank you, and good bye (Runs to Apu) Jaime Apu is that you? Is that really you, Apu? Apu Jaime, Jaime it really is you. Jaime I was so stupid for leaving you, I should have never left you, who cares if you don't have a job and your flat broke. We can make it work.

Apu I love you. Jaime I love you to, now lets go back to my place, but first lets pick up a lotto ticket. Nar. Jaime and Apu go and buy a lotto ticket. Little did they know that the lotto ticket that they held in their hand was the winning lotto ticket for 100 million. Apu paid off his broker and they lived happily ever after..