My Personal Place To describe a special place, you have to be able to describe the person that it belongs to. To describe my special place, you would have to know me and the things that I like. Myself I like many things. That's why my special place is my bedroom. It has many things that I love and enjoy. Just to name a few, my walls, bookshelf, my bed.

Each shows every aspect of me! In my bedroom, my walls show freeze frames of moments, special times and places that I've been to that I want to remember. They also hold pictures in which I draw, paint, or even doodle in spare time, that i'm very proud of. The walls have objects, like bears, awards, and things I've had since I was baby. Pictures of friends and family having a good time. To me this shows my personality, expressing myself through my walls.

My bookshelf is also an object in my bedroom shows aspects of my personality. The bookshelf alone has many decorations that I like, and put there to show off. My bookshelf carries, novels, magazines, and books that interest, inspire, and keep me going. The bookshelf plays also a very important part in my bedroom.

As an organizer, it has a seat for every item I put upon it. The main thing in my bedroom that gives it part of it's name, is my bed. My family is always saying that I have my head in the clouds, and now, thanks to my Dad, I literally do. Although I resent that statement, I still love my fluffy flannel cloud comforters. At any time when I don't feel good or, have had a seriously bad day, I can come home, turn on my stereo, and lie in my bed. I can draw a picture for my walls, read a book from my bookshelf, listen to my stereo, and watch T.

V. , right in my bed.