n stalling over Windows 2000 releases Typical and full installations are not currently available for Windows 2000. Internet Explorer 6 will install a minimal set of files onto your system. This includes the Internet Explorer 6 Web browser and scripting support. Uninstalling Internet Explorer 6 before upgrading to Windows 2000 Windows 2000 contains an earlier version of Internet Explorer components than Internet Explorer 6. Before upgrading from Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows NT to Windows 2000, it is recommended that users uninstall Internet Explorer 6. During the upgrade, you may receive the following message: 'This program may not run correctly because of new features in Internet Explorer 4.

0. You may need to obtain an updated version of this program.' Although this message is misleading, please click the Details button for a more accurate description of the problem. Downloading Internet Explorer 6 using a non-Microsoft download manager During the Internet Explorer 6 installation, Setup must download components from the Internet. Users who are utilizing non-Microsoft download managers (for example, Net zip, Get Right, or Real Audio's Download Demon) will intercept download requests. This will cause Setup to abort.

To prevent this from occurring, disable non-Microsoft download managers before running Setup. High encryption support for Internet Explorer 6 High encryption components are included for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows NT 4. 0 Service Pack 6 a. Windows Millennium Edition contains high encryption by default. To obtain high encryption support for Windows 2000, please visit Windows Update at web or web or upgrading the Windows Desktop Update (Windows NT 4. 0 only) If you have already installed Internet Explorer 6 and would like to install the Windows Desktop Update, you must install Internet Explorer 4.

01 SP 2 before installing the upgrade. >>>To install Windows Desktop Update: 1. Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 by using the procedure described later in this document. 2.

If Internet Explorer 4. 01 SP 2 is not already installed on your computer, install it. 3. Install the Windows Desktop Update by clicking Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. 4. Reinstall Internet Explorer 6.

Previous version unavailable after uninstalling Internet Explorer 6 After uninstalling Internet Explorer 6, it is not possible to remove the browser that was installed prior to Internet Explorer 6. Installing over localized Windows 98 Arabic and Hebrew releases Windows 98 Arabic and Hebrew versions require the corresponding localized version of Internet Explorer 6. It is not possible to install the English version of Internet Explorer over the Hebrew and Arabic localized versions of Windows 98. Installing Internet Explorer 6 with Norton Protected Recycle Bin enabled It is recommended that you disable the Norton Protected Recycle Bin before you install Internet Explorer 6 and that you empty the Norton Protected Recycle Bin before you run Setup. Before you empty the Norton Protected Recycle Bin, be sure you review its contents in case it contains any items you want to recover.

You can re-enable this feature after Setup is complete. This is recommended because Norton Protected Recycle Bin will intercept the removal of temporary files that Setup is trying to delete, and you could run out of free space on your hard disk if your remaining free space is limited. This would cause Internet Explorer Setup to appear locked. For instructions on disabling and re-enabling the Norton Protected Recycle Bin, see the Norton Utilities documentation.