There are many problems facing "Our" United States today. Some of them are over seas and there are even more at home. One of these problems is Methamphetamine. A powerful life altering drug that is more heavily used drug in the west part of the country, on the coast states, particularly in Oregon and California. Meth is so addicting that you are hooked after one or two times of using it. It is almost impossible to come out of the addiction.

Users often give up on life, ignoring their family, job, and friends. All that is important to them is the Drug. My thoughts are that the problem is not the people, but the drug. Many people in Oregon are unaware of the seriousness a wide usage of this drug in Oregon. There should be more Meth-Awareness programs available and more information taught about this in schools to teenagers. There has been improvement alterations made to express more information about this drug, in the last few years, but there still needs to be more.

People need to see what the life of a Meth-addict is like. Meth-Users do not see reality from fiction. It takes months for them to sober up and realize what is happening to them. But the drive for the drug to grasp them again, they can not pull away. Meths effects on people need to be recognized universally. Everyone needs to know what could happen to them if they even try it.

The problem is not the people it is the drug.