Lord Of The Flies Reading Journal Chapter 2 The assembly: What tensions exist How does each of Ralph, Jack and Piggy attempt to relieve the tension The tension: one of the little ones recalled that he saw a snake-thing in the forest. Ralph tried to calm the boy down by saying, . You couldn t have a beastie, a snake-thing, on a island this size. You only get them in big countries, like Africa, or India. x (P 39) What the little boy said is vital to the plot development. Because before his discovery of the.

beastie x, other boys thought this is a perfect island. But now, the island is no longer a paradise because the boys are aware now that there are beasties. Even though Ralph denied the existence of beastie, his action doesn t suggest so. Ralph tells other boys that they would be rescued; this shows that Ralph has changed. In chapter one, Ralph was having fun like other boys, but after he heard what littluns said, it seems that he want to leave the island; possibly because he believe the beast could exist. Jack tries to relieve the tension by saying, .

Ralph s right of course. There isn t a snake- thing. But if there was a snake we d hunt and kill it. We re going to hunt pigs and get meat for everybody. And we ll look for the snake too x (P 40) From this quotation, I can see Jack has changed considerably. Because in Chapter 1, Jack was reluctant to kill a pig; But now not only he says that he is going to kill pigs, but now he also says that they are going to look for the snake-thing.

Piggy didn t relieve the tension, but he interpreted the little boy s speech. Gathering wood: the relationship between Ralph and Jack When the boys gathered woods, Ralph and Jack worked like as if they are best friends. On page 39, Ralph said, . Almost too heavy x Then Jack said, .

Not for the two of us. x The conversation between Ralph and Jack shows that Jack belief: If they work together, nothing is impossible for them to overcome. Also, this quotation shows Jack s respect for Ralph. C) The fire and its aftermath When the boys couldn t find a match to start the fire, Jack pointed out that they should use Piggy s spec as burning glasses. So the boys went against Piggy s will, and stole the specs to start the fire. When Piggy got his glasses back, the glasses was broken.

From the boy s action, I can see that the boys all have changed. They are no longer cilvized, because they re beginning to steal from others. And as result of the boy s actions, Piggy who is the most civilized among the boys, couldn t see clear anymore. Therefore, he could no longer crit ize the action of the boys. Chapter Three Jack s intensity during the hunt Jack s intensity during the hunt tells us that Jack is a very determined person.

Once he decides to do something, he would not stop till he succeeds. Also from his actions, we can see he has changed from a boy that was unwilling to kill a pig, to a hunter that appears to be determined to kill... Two continents of experience and feeling unable to communicate. x - the conflict between Ralph and Jack The conflict between Ralph and Jack began when Jack came back and asked for water. Ralph complained to Jack that building shelters is their first priority, not hunting for meat.

Jack opposed the idea. The conflict between Ralph and Jack serves as a foreshadow of more similar argument in the future, since we now know that their beliefs over hunting is different c) Simon and his hideaway Simon s action suggests to me that he isn t like the other boys. Because while other boys were either hunting or playing around, Simon helped Ralph build the shelter. And during his spare time, he would go to his hide way. This leads me to believe that Simon is refusing to mix in with a society that seems uncivilized.

Important: Littluns fear Earlier in the book, Littluns mentioned the. beastie x to Ralph, Ralph tried to convince them that there isn t any beast on the island. But the fear still remained, this is significant, because it shows one of Ralph s flaws as a leader, he could not convince his followers. Chapter Four Roger s and Maurice s behavior with the littluns Roger and Maurice s behavior toward the littluns suggests that they re finally revealing their true nature in a society where there is no adult to regulates them.

This is crucial to plot development, because if Roger and Maurice are letting their real. selves x out, other boys on the island probably doing the same thing. Jack s mask When Jack painted his face, it tells us that he has become more uncivilized; because a mask is something an uncivilized person or savage would wear. By wearing a mask, Jack could disguise himself better in the forest and the job of hunting will be easier. Ralph s, Simon s, Piggy s and Maurice s reactions to the fire being out When they found out the fire was out, Ralph dropped everything, and run toward the mountaintop. Simon, Maurice, Piggy followed.

Their actions show that unlike others, they really want to be rescued. d) Confrontation between Ralph and Jack Jack told Ralph that he used everyone to hunt. Ralph argued that Jack if had stayed, they might have been rescued. This passage moves the plot forward, because the conflict between Jack and Ralph is growing. e) Description of the hunt By the way Jack and his hunters described the hunt, it shows that they do not care about being rescued, all they care about is hunting. Important Ships / rescue : because the fire was out, the ship could not rescue the boys.

As of result, the confrontation between Jack and Ralph occurred and the conflict between those two grow. Killing the first pig: This is significant because once the hunters kill their first pig, they will be afraid to kill more in the future. Chapter 5 Ralph s prepared speech While Ralph pointed out to others what they did wrong, and the fact that they have to keep up the fire going is more important than hunting, shows that Ralph is not really a capable leader; because he told his group many times that fire is more important, and they still don t listen. Also, this passage is important to the plot development. Jack said, x But you ve talked and talked. x From this quotation, Jack is openly resenting Ralph.

Beast vs fear Jack s speech to the rest about the beast is significant because it further develops Jack s character and it gave readers how he approach fear. Jack s speech shows that he is prejudiced toward littluns. He feels that because they don t do anything, they are no use to the society. Also, his approach toward fear is that when he is scared, he would put up with it... Unless we get frightened of people. Maybe it s only us.

x Simon What Simon meant was: When we are frightened during the night, it isn t because of a real beast, but it is a beast from our imagination. Simon probably said this to make others into thinking maybe the beast is not real, and it just maybe comes from their imagination. Confrontation between Ralph/Jack and Piggy/Jack From the confrontation between Piggy/Jack, we know that Jack despises Piggy, and doesn t care about what Piggy thinks. Also, the confrontation shows the conflict between those two are growing and it also serves as a foreshadow of the future conflict between Jack and Piggy; because during the confrontation between Ralph/Jack, Jack not only questioned Ralph s leadership as he did earlier in the chapter, but he also said rule is not important, but hunting is.

Chapter 6 Description of the parachutist The writer wrote about the parachutist to foreshadow events that is going to happen in the future; which is Sam n Eric s discovery of the. beast x (the parachutist) at the mountaintop. Sam n Eric s response to and description of the beast When Sam n Eric saw the. beast x, they were both scared and surprised at the discovery of the. beast x. When they ran back, they described that the.

beast x has hairy body, wings. As readers, we know that the. beast x is really the parachutist. This passage reveals one of the human qualities: When we see something that is looks unfamiliar, we tend to be afraid of it, and makes up stories about it. Simon s view of the beast Simon said that the.

beast x is not real, because if the beast leaves no tracks, it should have caught up to Sam n Eric. The paragraph shows that Simon is really logical. Relationship between Ralph and Jack as they take the lead They are daring each other with challenges and both of them doesn t want to be back down from a challenge. Possibly because both of them want to show the other which one is more brave. Important The beast from the air is actually the parachutist who landed on the mountaintop. Because the boys thought the parachutist is the beast, they no longer want to light the fire on the mountaintop.

Therefore, there is less chance that a passing ship will see the smoke, and less chance of being rescued. Chapter 7 You ll get back all right. x Simon Simon s speech shows that he is confident that Ralph will lead them back to the place where they come from. Therefore, it shows that Simon is confident in Ralph s leadership and decision-making skills. Ralph s reaction to wounding the pig Ralph s action is important to the plot development. Because before this incident, Ralph has never hunted, and he felt that getting rescued was the number one priority, not hunting.

Now, he thinks that hunting is good after all. From Ralph s new attitude toward hunting, I could foresee that in the near future, the conflict between Ralph and Jack will resolve. The mock hunt The mock hunt shows that Jack and his hunters are becoming more and more violent. Before, they were just killing the pig for meat. Now, they are becoming so obsessed with hunting, they mock hunt during their free time. And during the mock hunt, the hunter continued jabbing sticks at Robert, even when he said stop.

The friction between Ralph and Jack Just as I thought the conflicts between Ralph and Jack is over, another confrontation arises. This time they are comparing to see which one of them is more brave than the other. Chapter Eight Simon s suggestion to climb the mountain From Simon s action, it suggests that Simon is really brave. When other boys, including the hunters were afraid of climbing the mountain because of the. beast x, Simon suggested they should. Jack s break with the group This part reveals that Jack was fed up with Ralph, and is now openly resenting him.

Also, this part indirectly shows that Ralph wasn t a good enough leader; because he let the conflict between them come before the good of the group. Also, Jack s break from the group left me wondering if his hunters will go off with him in the near future. Killing the pig Jack s decision to kill the sow, who is the mother pig, is a foolish decision. Because they killed the mother pig, no more new pigs is going to be born.

Therefore, if they don t get rescued, their meat source will eventually run out... This head is for pig. It s a gift. x Jack Jack s speech shows that he is no longer a civilized person. The practice of sacrificing animals to gods, is a ancient practice, in which a person or a group sacrifices animals and give gifts, and in return, the gods wouldn t harm them.

Jack and his hunter here are doing the same thing, but only they are sacrificing to the beast. Simon s experience with the Lord of the flies. Lord of the Flies said that he is the beast, and is inside everyone, even Simon, and he is the reason the things are what they are on the island. From its speech, the lord of the Flies symbolizes evil. f) Jack s position as chief Compares to Ralph, Jack is a like a tyrant.

He doesn t treat others like equals. and he feels the most things are hunting and have fun. g) Ralph s inability to articulate the problems I think the writer did this to foreshadow something that is going to happen in the future. It s here to hint us: since Ralph didn t solve the problems, his tribe members probably are going to lose their confidence in him, and might go to Jack s tribe. Chapter Nine a) The mood at the beginning Writer motioned this because later on, it is going to affect how the plot is going to turn out. b) Simon s discovery of the beast Simon s finds out that the.

beast x on the top of the mountain is really a person. The discovery is really important because it could change the whole plot. Once the boys know, the fears inside them will disappear. Also, boys who went to Jack s tribe for protection purposes, might return to Ralph s tribe. c) Confrontation between Ralph and Jack Ralph argued that Jack and his group members are still in his tribe and the conch counts on the whole island.

While Jack said the conch doesn t count on his part of island, meaning his part of island doesn t obey to law and order. Ralph then argued that there is going to be thunderstorm, so they would need shelter. Jack refused to listen to the logic, and he believes that by doing their mock hunt, everything can be solved. d) Death of Simon Simon was walking toward the boys, but because it was night, the boys couldn t see very well, and mistaken ed Simon for the. beast x.

As of result, Simon is killed. Therefore, the darkness of the night symbolizes evil. Chapter 10 a) Reaction to Simon s death Both Piggy and Ralph tried to convince themselves it was an accident, and since they took no part in it, they should forget about the accident. b). He came disguised- be careful. x Jack Jack now knows it was Simon, but he didn t want to admit it for two reasons.

One, he has too much to say he that he killed Simon by mistake. Second, he said the beast would return. By saying said this to keep the boys thinking about the beast, this way, the boys would stay with him for protection from the beast. c) The fight The fight shows that Jack s tribe has become even more uncivilized. All Jack cares about is hunt, but on this occasion they needed fire, so they decided to steal from Ralph s tribe. During the fight, Piggy s glasses were taken, as of result, Piggy can no longer see, as of result, he was killed by the boulder later on.

Chapter Eleven a). The curtain in x Ralph s brain b) Piggy s decision to approach Jack This shows a change in Piggy s personality. Before, he was afraid to stand up for himself. But on this occasion, it was a bad decision to stand up for himself, because Piggy s comments angered both Jack and Roger; as of result, Roger killed Piggy. c) The confrontation I don t think it s a good idea to call your opponent a thief and tell him what to do when you are I his territory.

But Ralph did all of the above. From his actions, I can see that Ralph was standing up to what s right and what s not. d) Piggy s death From this incident, I can see how Roger has changed. From a shy boy the author described at the beginning, to a boy that is openly hostile. And as Piggy died, the conch was gone as well. Therefore, Piggy s death symbolizes the end of law and order.

e) Jack s vicious attack on Ralph This shows the degree of hatred Jack have for Ralph. Because Jack is now trying to hunt Ralph down the same way he tried to hunt down a pig. This is very ironic, because in the beginning, Jack couldn t kill a pig, now he is daring to kill a human. f) The last sentence This sentence shows that the boys has snapped out of their dreams, and realized the things they have done.

Important Smoke: If it weren t for the smoke, the rescue ship would not have rescued the boys. Chapter Twelve I think this is a very good book because it shows how a civilized society can turn into a primitive one as of the result of warfare's among humans. Also, this book shows the gradual development of various types of characters. Piggy the thinker, Jack the tyrant, Ralph who wants to be rescued and favors democracy. We see how Ralph goes from a capable leader to later become an outlaw. We see Jack from a boy develop from a boy that won t kill a pig to a boy that will kill anything that stands in front of his way.

In conclusion, this book tells us that if a group people are isolated, their true nature is revealed and a civilized society can gradually become a primitive one if people don t cooperate.