For the scene in which John Proctor persuaded Mary Warren to go to the court and confess that the girls are lying, I have chosen to set it in Proctor's fields. There he will be working when Mary Warren approaches him. There she will say that she's sorry about Elizabeth and tries to comfort John. John is to appear almost overwhelmed by the previous night's events. Mary then slips up by saying "If there is anything I can do." and John jumps and asks her to go to the court and confess. They argue as John tries his best to persuade Mary to go to court.

He then brings up the Bible and the angel that he talks of in Act 3 when Mary needs encouragement. Mary begins to weaken. She still holds her ground until John gets angry and threatens to march into the court and declare Mary a witch. This is when Mary breaks in to tears and agrees to testify. The new scene: John Proctor is in his field, he is exhausted from working non-stop all day. The sun is just beginning to set, casting a dim orange glow across the field.

John stops digging and looks up. Mary Warren walks slowly and tentatively into view. John stares at her as she approaches. Mary comes to a stop about a metre in front of John. An uneasy silence ensues as John continues to look at Mary. After a few moments, Mary quietly begins.

Mary Warren: Mr Proctor John looks to the ground then looks Mary in the eye Proctor: What is it Mary Mary: I... I want to say thatI'm sorry, about Elizabeth, that is Proctor: Oh Is that all you want to say Proctor picks up his shovel, turns away from Mary and begins to dig Mary: Please, do not ignore me. Proctor stops and slowly turns to Mary. He looks at her menacingly. Mary takes a step back Proctor: Why Its seems every time you open your mout you get another person hanged.

Mary clenches her fists in anger Mary: What I am doing is right! Proctor: You call hanging every man and woman in this town right Mary: But Proctor: Do you think it will make anything better Do you think that it will make this town a safer place to live Mary: I came here to apologise about your wife, Mr Proctor, not have my beliefs questioned. John pauses, realising that he is going to get no-where by arguing Proctor: Do you think she is guilty Mary Mary seems taken aback by this and looks away from John Proctor: Mary Mary: I I do not knowS he is a good lady Proctor: Yes, but do you think she would try to kill Abigail Really Mary: I... Proctor: You should think about what you are doing Mary! Think of the orphans these men and women will leave behind, think about how those people feel. Proctor is getting very emotional now, he kneels down and looks at the ground Proctor: How do you think I feel Mary pauses for a moment, then steps towards John Mary: I'm. Sorry. Proctor says nothing, he sobs, wipes his nose with his hand and gets up Mary: (comfortingly) is there anything I can do Proctor suddenly turns to Mary and looks at her straight in the eye Proctor: Yes! Yes there is something you can do, you can testify in court, denouncing Abigail, her friends and the court.

We can end all this madness now! Mary: Mr Proctor! I cannot do that! Proctor: You must! It is the only way! Please Mary, please, you have to. Mary: What I do is right! Can't you believe me I am bringing out the Devil! Proctor: All you are doing is killing the innocent! Can't you see Are you so blinded by Abigail and the rest of them Can't you see that anyone in this town could turn to his neighbour and pronounce him a witch, without any evidence at all, and that neighbour would be hanged! Its madness and you have the power to stop it! Mary: (sobs) What I do is right... Proctor: No! You are wrong, what you are doing is wrong, people are dying, can't you see! You can stop this Mary! (John place his hands on Mary's shoulders and he shakes her, he speaks almost like a madman) You can stop this Mary! Please! Mary: Mr. Proctor! Let go of me! Mary squirms and breaks free of John's grasp. She tries to run but John quickly catches her again. Mary screams.

Mary: Let go of me! Proctor lets Mary go, she falls back on to the ground, before she can get up, Proctor walks over, and stands above her, looking down into her terrified face Proctor: Have you thought of what a sin it is to lie Have you thought about how God will look upon you as you put men and women to death on false accusations Mary: I. Proctor: Mary, you have to be strong. Do you want to go to heaven Or do you want to burn in hell like the rest of your so-called witches Mary: No! I swear I am doing the right thing. Proctor: Mary, you can always repent, you can turn your back on the court, but only if you do it now! Mary scrambles to her feet Mary: Mr Proctor, please stop! I want to go to heaven! I want to do what is right! Proctor: Then testify! It will end it all.

Mary is now also getting emotional and begins to cry Mary: (quietly) Please Mr. Proctor Proctor realises that he has reached another dead-end, he is now very angry and on the brink of violence. Proctor: Mary, if you don't do something about this soon, it will be your fault that these people are dead, I can't force you, but I believe it would be sin to let these innocent people die Proctor turns and begins to walk away Mary: No! No Mr Proctor! (She sobs) I want to go to heaven! Proctor: But why should you go when these people die because of your actions Mary kneels down and looks at the ground Mary: (quietly) I will testify. I don't want to go to hell. Proctor: (joyously) Thank you Mary! Thank you! John picks Mary up of the ground and almost drags her back to his house. The curtain drops.