FAIR BALL (A Fans Case for Baseball) By: Bob Costas I read Fair Ball by Bob Costas. This book is about what he thinks baseball should change realistically. How baseball can protect baseball and keep fans watching. He really talks about how Major League Baseball needs a salary cap.

Two thirds of the teams in the Major League Baseball are facing financial disparities. These teams have basically no chance of making it to the World Series. The players are the ones who are being greedy in this whole situation when in 1993 when the players went on strike because of a salary cap. When the Major League did this fan attendance was up twenty four percent. He talks about interleague play and radical realignment.

Interleague play is when teams from different divisions play against each other. Radical realignment is trying to change the teams divisions by where they are set geographical. I never even knew they were thinking about doing this radical realignment. I think it is a great thing for baseball. He thinks it would be great because it would make great rivals. Fans would be a lot happier because they wouldn't have to drive across America to see a good rival play.

He talks about the All Star game. He say it is the best all star spectacle. He say two thing would improve it 30 player rosters and throw it the each team has a representative except the team that is hosting the game. He concludes with that the owners need to draw a line. If they do they will get more support and get richer in the long run.