Abigail and the girls are accusing the people of Salem. The girls knew if they told the truth about what really happened they would get in a lot of trouble. After all of the people are accused the trial goes to the court house (The meeting house). Danforth and hat horne are the judges for this trial. The proctors and Mary warren were really affected by Abigail's actions; Herrick arrested Elizabeth proctor because Abigail accused her of being a witch. Mary warren testified that she put the needle in the back of the poppet so Elizabeth wouldn't get hanged.

In Mary's testimony she said that she did nothing wrong, she said that all she did was put the needle in the back of the poppet's skirt for safe keeping's. Danforth asked her so many questions about what happened and she would always reply with no sir, aye sir, or I'm with God now. Mary also said that the proctors are good people and they would do nothing to anyone or try to harm anyone even Abigail even though what she did. She said that the girls were lying especially Abigail because she hated Elizabeth because she was married to john. Abigail and the girls would accuse a lot of people because they knew if they told the truth they would get in trouble and everyone would disrespect them especially Abigail because everyone thinks she is a perfect little sinless girl. Abigail and the girls start saying that they have seen their own blood and saying that their getting really cold and are about freeze.

They keep lying about the people their accusing are using witchcraft on them and trying to kill them. This gives them a big advantage because there is no proof to prove these allegations. John and Elizabeth finally get their chance to talk with the judge and let him ask Elizabeth question about what happened. Danforth asked Elizabeth about Abigail and why she dismissed her as being their servant. Every time dan forth asked Elizabeth about what happened between the proctor's and Abigail Williams Elizabeth would always trail off the subject.

The reason why dan forth didn't ask her about the needle in the poppet is because Mary already confirmed that it was an innocent way of keeping the needle safe. My predictions on what will happen to the people of Salem in the future is, I can't even imagine what these people are going to do in the future, this whole town is crazy. I'm going to get out of here before I become one of the people that is being accused of being a warlock. This is the last time I'm ever going to set foot in this town.