It was a very beautiful sight on the road, the air was cool. The afternoon sum was right in front of us while we were driving to Sodere. I was really happy that my girlfriend had agreed to com with me. that weekend, she was particularly happy then she wouldn't stop smiling and she particularly looked beautiful when she smiled. Seeing her smile like that took me to back to the first day we " ve met. I used to work for an agency as a manager.

My life was boring then, I was lonely the and really didn't have much to do and then one day the legal adviser for the agency had been had been transferred I hoped that they wouldn't send another boring adviser like the one before. He really had an attitude problem and was usually grumpy. Well for my surprise they sent a very beautiful woman I was shocked and was totally intrigued by her appearance when she came into my office to introduce herself 'I shouldn't jump to conclusions'; I thought to myself 's he could be the supervisor from the organization ', then she spoke.' Hi, my name is W/rt Bez a Getachew. I'm the new legal adviser for the agency.' ; She said in a very friendly voice '; you must be the manger'; .' Well it says on the door'; I said as I introduced myself. I gave here the papers she needed for her work and told my secretary to help her organize her office. The rest of the day I couldn't do anything but think about this woman.

After work I offered to take her to the cafeteria and offered her a cup of coffee. After that we to know each other very well. That's was two years ago and now I was in love with this woman an was going to ask her to marry me this weekend. 'I hope she doesn't turn me down'; I was thinking to myself. 'It must feel really bad if the woman you love turns down your marriage offer. Even though I've repeatedly told her that I love her she had never told her told me that she loves me before, that worried me a little.

I had told had told her earlier that I had a surprise for her and she was going out of her mind t out of her mind trying to figure out what it was, but she never guessed it. I'd assume if it was just another woman it would be the first thing on her mind. she would say 'oh, my God you " re going to propose' but not her. She'd rather guess it was something like 'we " re not going not going to Sodere are we?' ; or something of that sort.

I never knew what was on her mind. She was very intricate. We were just talking about different things when suddenly a gray Mercedes want right in front of me of me while trying to pass a truck. I couldn't' maneuver the car fast enough to prevent an accident.

We crashed into the Mercedes. The next thing I knew when I woke up was that I was in a hospital bed alone, I was very confused, 'where was I?' was the first thing that came into mind. Then a nurse walked into the room. She told me I had a car accident and hit my head.

She asked 'can you remember anything?' ; and asked me if I remembered where and when the accident was. All I could say was 'No, I don't remember a thing'; . The last I told her the last thing I remembered was a week before I was in my office. I asked where I was and she told me that I was in Nazareth city. '; What was I doing in Nazareth city?' ; . Then I asked the nurse If anyone was me during the accident and she told me that a woman was with me during the accident.

I started getting off the bed because I knew who this woman was and wanted to see her. The nurse told me I shouldn't be out of bed but I ignored her and asked about her condition. The nurse told me it was critical and told me I had to wait in the hall till the doctor came. All types of things raced into my mind, I started remembering our weekend plans and suddenly remembered that I was going to ask her to marry me that weekend. When I looked up I saw the doctor. By the look on his face I thought she had died.

'Hi, my name is Dr. Dere je and I just want to tell you that I'm sorry and that there is nothing we can do to save her life, she wants to see you now, you can go right in' he said in a low voice I couldn't speak, I just froze thinking my life has ended. I ran to the room she was staying and took her in my arms, she just said 'It's going to be ok'; over and over again, but I knew that it wasn't going to be ok. She smiled at me she looked as beautiful as ever. But before I die, I just want to tell you that I... LOVE...

.' ; Then she died right then, young and beautiful.