Geoffrey meets Ducky Long before there were human beings, there was Queen Fiona and King Shrek. They lived on an island filled with tropical fruits and jungles called Neverland. King Shrek was the ruler of all the land. He made boundaries to separate land from water, marshes from rain forests, and created islands into regions. King Shrek also created trees to grow crops for the animals.

Queen Fiona on the other hand created the most beautiful exotic creatures called the bear, bird, duck, giraffe, tiger, lion, fish, dog, lizard, horse, elephant, frog, cow, deer, chicken, pig, leopard, rhino, squirrels, and many other creatures. In those days there was no sun. All light came from the sparkling white moon shined in the sky that stood in the center of the sky. There was the sky and the moon, but the sun never came out and, far below, an endless stretch of water, wild marshes, exotic jungles, rain forests with fresh green trees growing like grass. Animals roamed every region searching for food and shelter, but this lead to brutal and violent fights.

Soon Queen Fiona and King Shrek were getting fed up with the animals Nguyen 2 because the animals became enemies to one another, so Queen Fiona and King Shrek decided to create human beings into either man or woman, where peace and kindness with last eternally. One day the Queen Fiona and King Shrek decided to retire due to the chaos of the animals and tried to figure out what animals can represent the man or woman and that animal can become the symbol of life again. It was the hardest decision for the Queen Fiona and King Shrek to choose what animal can stay to lead on the human race to a better and enduring life of happiness. Finally, after days of hard work of searching, they choose the giraffe to represent the males because of the giraffe ability and uniqueness figure can benefit humankind. The giraffe can drink up to 12 gallons of water, sleeps for only 1-12 minutes long, live about 20-25 years long, and travel without stopping. This gives males more dominance because the giraffe is so tall and more alert because they sleep less; they travel without stopping due to the twelve gallon storage in their body.

Giraffes are also mellow, but when it comes to being attacked it will have a dangerous side. The duck will represent females because the duck ability on nurturing is very vital and family oriented. The figure of the duck represents how females are less dominant, small in size giving the giraffe the authority Nguyen 3 because its enormous, the duck has the symbol of love and caring. These two selected animals will create a new life and world of peace. The selected giraffe and duck are Geoffrey and Ducky. Soon after the selection of the giraffe and the duck, Queen Fiona and King Shrek had to unite these two animals so they can create a new life of harmony.

One day, Geoffrey was roaming around until he was thirsty from a hard day of work, so following the fresh sparkling scent of water dripping as the foam turned into white clouds. As he slurped from that refreshing water cooling down his body, his mind clouded. At the same time, a duck fluttered into the open marsh searching for food. Ducky realized it wasn't a fish in the lake, but it was Geoffrey drinking water. Geoffrey and Ducky soon became friends and later fled away to an island called Dangangduckling to create a new type of species known as humans. Both Geoffrey and Ducky were asexual leading to Geoffrey to produce males and Ducky will produce females.

Geoffrey has a unique fur coat consisting approximately a thousand spots and individually different from one another. In exactly forty- eight hours each of those individual spots will pop out a human male. Each spot will create a human with a unique body, innate traits, color skin, and ethnicity. The man would take the role Nguyen 4 of finding food for the families.

He would also farm the island and maintain the land that King Shrek created. On the other hand, Ducky won't be having her females popping out of a spot like Geoffrey, but rather hatching out a golden egg. Ducky will lay a thousand golden eggs and they will hatch in forty-eight hours like Geoffrey. The woman would cook and clean. She would also stay home baby-sit the children and prepare huge feast with the families and friends around the island. Five years past, Ducky and Geoffrey produced two thousand human beings consisting a thousand of each gender.

Ducky and Geoffrey are now the deities of Dangangduckling Island and still guiding the females and the males on how to survived and told the humans to pass on the stories to their children about the creators of the world Queen Fiona and King Shrek. Soon the humans will start producing and have their own families to maintain the Dangangduckling Island.