So, the main aspect of the WTC bombing investigation was the forensic chemical analysis of the explosive, or rather, of its fragments. There have been found no evidence of the terrorist intent to use chemical weapon, though there still exists a possibility that the investigation can be repeated. According to the latest reports, many inaccuracies were found in FBI lab examiner's testimonies. One of the principal findings of investigators was that, concerning the World Trade Center bombing in terms of 'scientifically flawed testimony'. (Mylroie, 1995, p. 9) There have been found inaccurate testimonies by an explosive-units examiner in case with the WTC bombing of 1993.

The improper preparation of test results and insufficient documentation of test results have also been noted as considerable flaws of the FBI laboratories' work. (Mylroie, 1995, p. 8) The forensic trace evidence analysis is a decisive factor in any terrorist case. In case with the WTC bombing of 1993, it proved itself to be insufficient and unreliable. It is still unknown if there had been any traces of cyanide at the explosion site, despite the existence of so many modern means of forensic analysis. In the described case, either it has been a mistake, or just a flaw of the FBI work, the absence of cyanide evidence played an important role in sentencing terrorists, creating more opportunities for political and racial arguments.

It has proved the fact that terrorists may consider themselves genius, setting the highest goals to achieve in his actions. (Koppl, 2005, p. 32) The incapability of defining the real situation through the use of traditional methods of forensic chemistry led to the uncertainty in terms of making the verdict, though it was still harsh, having sentenced the terrorists to 240 years of prison in the most severe regime. It often appears, that even through the use of modern forensic analysis means, the results happen to be dubious. (Koppl, 2005, p. 32) The WTC bombing of 1993 is a bright example, showing the urgent necessity to improve the work of FBI explosive laboratories and the methods of forensic investigation relating to any terrorist acts connected with probable use of dangerous chemicals..