The matrix and its half - human, half - machine agents are invented by people. They are only the staff serving the matrix. There are no any leaders or rulers heading the matrix. It is a phenomenon, a disaster.

It has been created by the collective knowledge of the mankind. There are no any cultural values within the matrix. The authors confirm the truth once more, the society neglecting the cultural and spiritual values can not be human. Still The Matrix is more optimistic regarding the fate than the ancient Greek play. There is a hero who may resist the matrix which is the fate itself. The optimism of the Matrix is that the hero successfully resists the fate of the entire mankind while Oedipus can not resist the blows of his personal fate.

The Matrix is not just a science fiction but a philosophical warning. The battle between the matrix and the brave people headed by Morpheus is the battle to revive the spiritual values of the mankind. The Matrix is not the film of the future society but an appeal to the contemporaries to appreciate and preserve the human values. The movie sounds like the threatening prophecy. The action takes place in two parallel realities. Two types of existence of the heroes are intervened.

Moreover, the heroes are fighting virtually while they exist physically. They get their wounds virtually but these wounds affect their physical state through their spiritual perception of the virtual reality, or it is better to say the unreality. The movie is about the searches of the human being, how we distinguish real from unreal, how we define who we are and what our place in the universe is. The matrix is illusion, a by-product of the artificial intellect, but this by-product got out of control and becomes dominating.

Similar search of identity is the theme of an ancient play Neo is the only one capable of inflicting damage on the AI (artificial intellect) system and free the people who have their minds enslaved, but for this to be accomplished he must break free the boundaries within his mind 2. It is the Neo's mission to destroy the matrix and to liberate the people. Neo is coming to the world of the matrix as Messiah. Neo does not have a choice and he takes his mission as it is. He is not the strongest or the most experienced among the rebels headed by Morpheus but his mission is presented as his destiny to liberate the people. The success of the Matrix is defined by its philosophic content.

In case with Neo one may observe the free will vs. fate debate 3. The motives of Karma are clearly observed in the Matrix. The Matrix is a hyper reality created by the human intellect.

The Matrix as a movie is a prophecy itself. As soon as we are able to create the matrix in the form of movie we are able to create the matrix in reality. Our cities are far from conventional natural dwellings. People are able to create the new worlds and we are only in the Nature who can do this.

We are creating the new environments. The fact that they are electronic does not make people any less real, and there's nothing wrong with "artificial" environments merely because they " re artificially created 4. The problem of the matrix is not in its virtual or artificial nature but in the moral nature of its creators, i. e. people. Our entire world has been artificially created by the people.

We have been creating it according to our vision. People forget about the natural law dominance. They develop the sovereigns (governments according to Hobbes) who violate the natural law sending them to risk their lives because prior to that they initiate the wars. People develop the matrix which becomes the prison thus contradicting the natural law. Worst of all this prison is created by the people themselves. People do not have their ultimate freedom in their minds.

They need the matrix because they are afraid of being free. If there is no prison for us we need to create it because the prison is an attribute of our reality. This is the greatest paradox of the human development. Our social and technical progress restricts our freedom. According to Morpheus the Matrix is a "prison for your mind." The creators of the movie use the Ancient Greek terms to create the parallel with the Ancient Greek history. Thus the character of Oracle is similar to that from the ancient Greek legend.

She gives Neo the choice either to save his life or that of Morpheus. In the Greek legend the king Leonidas was put before the choice by Oracle of saving his own life or saving the city. Thus, ultimately, Neo's choice was the same as that of Leonidas: his own life, or the fate of a city 5. The Matrix is the futuristic movie according to the plot but it is real warning and appeal to people to re-evaluate the moral values. The environments we have created should not start controlling us and it is crucially that all elements of our environment like our sovereigns, scientists, politicians and the military should be controlled by us and this control is the essence of democracy. We may make a conclusion that the matrix may become real when we fail to follow the democratic principles.

Two masterpieces are parted by the millenniums, but they have common features. First of all it is the role of fate in the human development. The Matrix shows the possible result of the technological development. While watching the movie it may seem that the matrix is not the people's product but that of the fate. We may either believe in god or not. We may be atheists but no one can deny the role of fate in the development of the humanity.

When scientists invented the nuclear reaction they did not think of the consequence it may bring. They were moved by the scientific curiosity. The fate has led them both to an inexhaustible source of the cheap energy and to the most destructive weapon. It is unlikely that the Matrix has been invented originally as self sufficient human dignity pressing machine, but the fate made it as it is in the movie.