The new Service Management program of Minnesota Business School is a very interesting and exciting opportunity for those people who want to devote their career to Service Management industry. The scope of the industry is very broad and continuously growing. It is a very stable branch of global business. Besides the speciality of Service Management is very undefined and can serve the graduates a solid foundation for further studies in any field or direction.

Minnesota Business School has many core competencies, which are very attributable to this educational institution. During the four-year course students will be able to master the skills of leadership, creative thinking, team effectiveness, and successful communication. Non-standard approach to education, and eventually to professional life, is great advantage the graduates of Minnesota Business School will get at the end of their studies. Minnesota Business School has a long history of avant-garde solutions in many aspects of social life. It was the first one to teach its students how to use calculator and typewriter, and it will definitely not only succeed in teaching of Service Management but also invent the approaches to this speciality that will be able to change todays view of both: the Service, and the Management. The general objectives of Minnesota Business Schools Service Management program is provide its students with a full scope of the skills, knowledge, and understanding of modern approach to the administration of service-oriented enterprise.

The exposure of students to international practices and experiences will allow the students to be prepared for the successful career in virtually any country of the world. Minnesota Business Schools orientation on providing the students with in-depth understanding and insight of service and management concept will give the possibility for the graduates to personally decide the next steps and direction of their after-graduate lives. Having four campuses located in the United States of America Minnesota Business School cooperates with numerous companies engaged in the service and entertainment activity. Many excellent scholarship opportunities are provided to the students of this institution. Minnesota Business School and its Service Management program are aimed, primarily, on college graduates with desire to devote their career to service industry. At a very affordable price the students are offered the full course of service management disciplines and their practical application to the modern service and entertainment industry..