It is important as well as truly crucial to provide the detailed analysis of major characters and their leadership skills as they are depicted in the movie. Carl Fox is the worker who knows how to persuade people and make them listen to his words. He is not afraid to take initiative and take some drastic measures whenever it is necessary. On the one hand, he can be a great leader and supporter in the community he belongs to. Carl even goes that far as persuading his co-workers to not demand a higher pay in order for business to stay compatible and survive on the market. Nevertheless, he is not too ambitious because this individual associates his sole being with the company that he was employed for many years.

When the time to make a serious decision comes, Carl refuses to help Gekko whom he was initially with. The desire to make money doesnt kill the humane as well as honest part of this persons nature. Carl proves to be a strong man when he openly expresses his discontent with Gekkos unlawful doings and acts aimed at seizing the entire company. To continue, his son Bud turns out to be very similar to the dad at the end. However, he is not as great of a leader as his father is. He idolizes Gekko and, at first, is ready to do anything just to win his support and approval.

One has to realize that Bud belongs to those people who are often not ready to state their opinion and who spend their whole lives looking for a stronger and more powerful individual who can help them. Although this broker is very ambitious, he doesnt have the necessary inner strength that is essential to reach the desired result in the future. He merely listens to everything that Gekko has to say about every particular matter in his life. As a result, he becomes psychologically dependent on this capitalist and almost traits his father and his humane ideals. On the one hand, Bud definitely lacks the important leadership skills that are needed for successful outcome and achievement in his profession. On the other side, this man gradually adopts the positive qualities of friendship and fairness that he almost lost at the beginning of his career.

When Bud realizes that Gekko tries to deceive him, he is scared at first, but then stands up and fights for the people of Blue star Airlines. Gekko is the one who, probably, can be seen as negative character in the whole story. Although he lies to people in order to get money, power, and respect that are commonly associated with those two aspects, he is a great leader who is valued by practically everybody within his surrounding. He possesses the necessary qualifications of the person who is able to take initiative and guide the rest of the weaker individuals.

Gekkos goals are purely negative and adverse in their general effects. However, such situation doesnt diminish his skills as the successful businessman and notable leader. Nevertheless, this man is doomed to failure because people will eventually realize whom they deal with. It happens to Bud who at first was ready to lay his life for Gekko, but then completely turned away from such a cruel individual. To continue, the capitalist is very ambitious, but unlike Bud he is able to reach many of the desired results that he makes a primary aim in the existence. Finally, Carolyn is the woman who completely relies on the others in her life.

She is portrayed as powerful lady who can change a lot in this world at the beginning of the screenplay. As the story proceeds, one detects various negative as well as weak characteristics that she possesses. Carolyn is not particularly ambitious because she thinks only about general and peaceful well being of her. She hesitates to take any kind of risks and leaves Bud when he decides to make it on his own.