Some individuals may be simply afraid to participate in groups. This often leads to the point that if something is not clear for a person, then he or she will never ask about that and eventually will not receive required information. Therefore, a person misses that information and it is too bad if the information will be vital in understanding some concepts that are related with studying a subject. What else could influence academic performance? Well, it is suggested that people who suffer from anxiety are afraid to work and write, while being observed. Writing and reading are the essential components in educational process. This often leads to the point when a person stops taking notes in class, but is also afraid to establish an eye contact with a professor in order to perceive information.

Looking at the wall or in the window will not result into remembering the lecture. The most vital thing that actually directly influences academic performance is taking a test. People who suffer from anxiety are usually afraid to take tests (The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, 2 nd Ed. ).

They feel very nervous before the exam and are too concerned about their grade. If an individual feels too nervous, it is almost impossible for him or her to concentrate on solving some sort of problem. Therefore, a person taking a test can get so worried that may even forget some piece of material or just by mistake choose a wrong answer on the test. It is possible to conclude that an individual who suffers from anxiety will achieve a low grade on the exam. Besides taking a test itself, a large number of other issues that influence the behavior of anxious person were discussed before. Therefore, it is clear that a person suffering from social anxiety will not learn all the required information, will miss a lot of material and even all these factors would not take place, this person still will be nervous on the test and will eventually receive a low grade.

For this reason, it is possible to find that the learning related behavior of a socially anxious person is directly connected with academic performance and different fears that the person may suffer from will negatively influence the performance. In addition, people suffering from social anxiety may have fear of entering the room, when others are already seated. This can be related with coming late to class and being afraid to enter the room (well, professors usually do not like when students coming late to their lectures, sometimes they do not allow students to be late), which eventually will result into missing a lecture and therefore, missing material. This point may sound funny, but I have seen students who were missing lectures simply by being afraid to come late to class. It is also suggested by scientists that there are another traits resulted from anxiety, which influence academic performance. Individuals may have poor grasp of subject, bad work habits, and lack of motivation.

Essay writing is of a great importance in every major, and for anxious students it is much harder to write a successful essay. These are some of the key points that result into overall poor grades in different fields of studies. In general, students with high anxiety unsuccessfully perform written or oral presentations and participations in seminars. It is easy to find out that there are many different tasks in educational process, which require public appearance and public speaking. Unfortunately, these settings are the hardest ones for a person suffering from social anxiety. Usually, for a nervous individual several attempts are needed in order to receive a degree.

However, it is also suggested that in some subjects an individual suffering from social anxiety may have better achievement that in other. For instance, anxious students may perform well in such areas as natural sciences and history. Nevertheless, in such subjects as psychology, social sciences, art, and business administration in majority of cases, students suffering from social anxiety receive low grades.