Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City was a tragic event taking away lives of thousands people. The marvel of New Yorks architecture, the highest building in the city was destroyed. The world was in panic and in absolute helplessness for several weeks after the event. Whole country was shocked after realizing that it is possible for something like this to happen. This event was of a great importance and had influenced peoples perception of the world around us. However, these are not the single consequences caused by terrorist acts.

Values and beliefs of many people were put into danger after such a cruel attack. The question that rises is what actually drives terrorists to commit such crimes against humanity? What goals terrorists were pursuing? Were they just trying to kill as many people as possible by their violent act? It is not easy to get the right answer to this question. People who claim that religion was driving believers to terror are mistaken, because Islam does not justify such behavior. I think that in their helplessness and despair, these cruel people did not have anything else to do, but making worse to others and bringing pain, horror, and shock to our homes probably it is the single reason, in my opinion. Was it fault of people who died that day? Definitely not! As we see, our world is full of rage and aggression. There is nothing that can be done about it, but one thing not giving a chance for terrorism to exist no matter where, whether in the United States or thousands miles away from our border, not only because it can affect our America, but because we have enough power to help other nations to get rid of this evil.

If the situation in some country will be unstable and people there will be for some unknown for me reason dissatisfied with the United States, it can be possible that there would emerge a leader, who will claim that their troubles are Americas fault and will try to organize terrorist acts against our country, just as Bin Laden did. As a citizen of the United States, I do not want to be scared for my own life, for lives of people who are close to me, and even do not want to feel discouraged knowing that somewhere people died because of terrorism. I think that everybody should do what is possible to prevent terrorism in the future. If you have read this essay, I already did something by reminding at least one person about the danger of terrorism, and this was the reason for choosing the topic.