Music has always been around from the beginning of time. It has grown from stage to stage over the past decades. Different decades carry along their different memories of music. The type of music listened to in the seventies, eighties and nineties, have their obvious differences. Nowadays, in the 21 st century, the two most popular forms of music are Rap and Soul. Although rap and soul both require a lot of time, money and talent to create, soul music is more complicated, influential, and demanding than rap.

Rap and soul music have grown tremendously over the past years, and both sell in millions nowadays. As technology advances, and new forms of creating music are discovered, talents are also discovered. Rap music originated from the African American society, way back in the seventies. It has moved from stage to stage.

From a lighter less violent pace, to a harder, more intimidating violent pace, known as hard-core rap or gangster rap. Gangster rap basically portrays drug abuse, stealing, fornication and even murder at times. The contrast is so obvious, compared to the disco rap, which people now call old school. It is amazing how many millions of gangster rap albums are sold these days.

Although Gangster rap is the most common form of rap music, not all rap songs portray negativity; there are some that contain positive messages and advises, influential to their listeners. Soul music on the other hand, has been around much longer than rap music; it dates back into the early fifties. Soul music is a much more positive and softer form of music; it portrays love and romance in its purest form. Soul, is one of the most stagnant forms of music, it has pretty much remained the same for a long time. Both rap and soul music can be played and danced to.

Soul music is danced to in a slow and soft manner, while rap has been known to have a loud hard banging, ear popping base that requires a much faster body movement. Rap music has always been more appealing to young African Americans than soul. Most teenagers listen to rap music, while some grow to mature and listen to soul music, later on in their lives. There is no doubt that these two forms of music require special talent, but one is more demanding than the other. Rap music definitely requires a good deal of talent, like been able to put rhyming words together to make sense and mean something. But it really isnt more than been able to look intimidating, shout, curse, and use other dehumanizing words to express ignorance, all put together in a nice attractive package.

Soul music may sound easy to most people, but it really involves a whole lot. Soul musicians, have to be much more experienced and mature in different ways. They have to understand what romance really is, and what makes it passionate. Good soul musicians have to possess the knowledge of true love, and how they can touch peoples hearts through their songs, making them feel the very essence of everlasting love.

After they know all these, they would have to work hard to train their voices, and build up their talents, to make people not only hear and enjoy their music, but to actually be able to feel and relate to it. I guess its now clear why soul music has remained the same for a long time, compared to rap. I think its because rap music basically portrays negativity in society, which worsens as the years fly by, changing the forms of rap music along with it. While soul music is positive, and portrays and true love, which is everlasting and never changing. I dont think there could be any better explanation for it.