The term intra personal communication is used to describe communication with ones self. Intrapersonal communication is the group of various processing activities within the brain that allow for self communication. Some of activities are identified as inner speech, internal contexts of communication, or simply ones communication with self. Intrapersonal or internal language and communication is the ability to refer to oneself as the object of communication in a sole context. We experience intra personal communication every day; however, in many cases we do not even notice this. We communicate with self almost all the time.

A perfect example of intra personal communication can be sensations. Nevertheless, intra personal communication is not limited to sensations only. Intrapersonal communication is used to process information obtained from the environment in order to explain to self the situation and in order to take a decision. With its help people can form complete thoughts or just make some spontaneous decision and person will be sure that the taken decision is the correct one.

Intrapersonal communication is about communicating within yourself in order to understand and rapport with self. Unless you trust, you cannot communicate. Any normal individual trust himself or herself and he or she always communicates with self. It is obvious the ability communicate clearly with others is the ability to communicate clearly with yourself. Only by communicating with self an individual can discover the way he or she thinks. After that it is possible to change the thoughts to resolve possible problems.

A person starts this process of change by discovering what is already in the mind and body (the resources and abilities that are possessed and the things that are available for motivation of self). Some people start by thinking out loud, but majority of us communicated with self in the brain. People always represent their goals and dreams to themselves. How do they do it? Are they able to picture something as they imagine something? What if they cannot see their dream out in front of them, how will they follow it? An individual should know what he or she is looking for. If a person does not know what he or she is looking for, how will it be possible to find and reach a certain goal or dream? Intrapersonal communication allows us to make plans and construct our dreams. Once we have imagined things we want and plan to accomplish it becomes much easier for us to come to fulfillment.

Every moment we plant to fulfill something whether in the next 5 minutes or even in several years. Intrapersonal communication actually causes us to dream and it directly affects what we dream. I understand intra personal communication as an inner's system of checks and balances, because we have to make a certain decision (this can be also a dream) and for making the decision we have to communicate with self in order to find out whether it will be real or not and what should be done to make it real. For example: I have to complete this essay today and I have to meet my friends at X PM that is my plan.

I think first how much time will it take me to complete this essay. Then I think what difficulties I might experience while writing this essay, because this will affect the time of completion. After I hade made an assumption that I will spend Y hours finishing the paper I communicate with self what will I have to do before I will meet my friends; however, in a minute I will decide to have a glass of soda after I will finish this paragraph. It was just an example and I think it would be impossible to write down everything we plan or dream about, because even small wishes or spontaneous decisions can be dreams and we are always in the process of thinking. From this example, it is possible to conclude that intra personal communication directly deals with our dreams. Intrapersonal communication explains the processes that occur in our brains every moment.

Sometimes, a person can concentrate on a certain idea for a long time in order to make a very important decision that will be aimed at fulfilling a certain dream. We communicate with ourselves about our dreams, decisions and ideas. We can communicate about dreams, ideas and decisions and view them as a whole or we can differentiate them; however, for an individual it does not make a difference, because his or her perception of the world as well as communication with self. People experience the world in their own way.

Each individual has own content, the result of his or her personal experience, histories of sensations, people, events, behavior, and emotions. Within our brains right now are thousands of choices we might not have a clue about. We do not notice all the alternatives that have been available to us. Maybe at this very moment a major decision in my life is made in my brain. However, it is possible to learn how to direct own mind. By learning this it will become possible to do just about anything: accomplish what you dream of, resolve difficulties, alter your habits, and get on a new track in life.

In conclusion, intra personal communication is the basis for all human communication. It starts with language and thought itself; however, it also includes an individuals own perception of what language and thought are. Every person may see something and assume a particular attitude towards an object or event; but, one can be certain that each assumption made is distinctly different, since each individual has his or her own perception of the world. Intrapersonal communication is a challenge because people have too many variations that arise from the perceptions at different moments.